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After an early end to a disappointing 2017/18 season, it is University’s greatest men’s history. With an announcement not expected until mid-to-late April, the excitement and excitement over the college pick for the New Albany, Indiana product and recruitment target Romeo Langford is causing mass hysteria (Hoosier).

Langford faced his own disappointment when the New Albany Bulldogs lost to Warren Central in the semi- round of the Indiana Boys high school basketball tournament, ending their pursuit of a second title in three years. It marked the end of an electrifying high school career for Langford, finishing fourth on the Indiana High School all-time scoring list with 3,002 career points – just 132 behind all-time leader Damon Bailey.

Now is the time for Langford, who is the country’s senior non-committal recruit of 2018, to turn his attention to his college decision. The choices are Indiana, Kansas, and Vanderbilt. Let’s be clear from the start – we don’t know what his decision will be. But let’s get something else straight too – despite what anyone might tell you, no one else knows either.


While there are no real credentials and, in general, no real inside information, the recruitment prediction business has somehow grown into an industry. You can find dozens or more people claiming to know where Langford and others will be playing in college.

As with any good business, the recruitment prediction business exists precisely because there is no information. It fills a void. Since everyone wants to know which school kids are going to vote, but nobody knows, it makes sense to pretend you know. They even have the courage to call themselves “experts” and put an accuracy rating next to their names.

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What they don’t tell you is that the accuracy rating is based on their prediction just before the announcement and their percentages are still not that good. It doesn’t matter if they changed that prediction 12 times along the way. It’s like an NCAA tournament bracket scientist who looks brilliant minutes before the brackets are announced but wants you to forget all about your bracket in November.

The self-proclaimed experts have swayed with the wind of every gossip for the past few years, taking Langford to Duke, Kentucky, Indiana, Vanderbilt, and likely some others we missed along the way. Now they’re so confused with this 18 year old phenomenon that CBS owned it (yes, it’s big business). 247 Sports has it as of this writing in a stalemate between IU and Vanderbilt. But that is likely to change. Again.

Yes, the recruitment prediction business is somewhere between horoscopes and palmistry. And now, you know what they’re saying. If you can’t beat them, join them.


After solid analysis, including inserting all the data into our patented recruitment prediction algorithm, we believe we have finally cracked the Romeo Langford Code. Sure, he’s just a kid trying to quit high school and get on with his life, but he couldn’t fool us any longer.

In all seriousness, there has been some information lately that led us to believe that Langford will actually be traveling to Indiana next year. Surprisingly, given the buzz for this young man in the media, this information hasn’t received much mainstream coverage. But then they don’t have the TDH algorithm, do they?

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Langford has scheduled another visit to Indiana in April

Several media outlets have reported that the Langford family will be making another visit to in April. At this point, after literally years of reviewing this decision, you have to wonder if this visit was really due to Langford being undecided, or rather just taking one final trip to confirm what he already knows.

We haven’t heard of any additional visits to Vanderbilt or Kansas. On the contrary, Romeo’s father, Tim Langford, has stated that Kansas is “too far” to visit. With this attitude one has to believe that distance is a factor in the decision. If the family doesn’t bother making the 8-hour drive to Lawrence, Kansas, before sending their son to college, then it may not be a serious alternative.

Nashville is closer than Lawrence but still an hour farther than Bloomington. Not something you would look forward to if long trips are not your thing. Bloomington is closest at around 1 hour and 45 minutes.

But back to that April visit to Bloomington. It’s really one of three things: (1) part of the decision-making process, (2) a confirmation visit, or (3) they’re making the trip to let staff know they’re going elsewhere. After all this time, which one of these seems the most likely to you?

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The announcement will take place somewhere in the new Albany community

Tim Langford also stated that the family would like to make the announcement “out in the community”, possibly with the participation of the Mayor of New Albany (IU graduate). By now, you’ve probably seen or heard the crowd at Langford’s games throughout the season. Chants of “IU” permeated almost every gym he went to.

The same people or people as her will surely be there for any announcement. Now ask yourself the following: Would you like to make an announcement for Vanderbilt or Kansas, or would you like your son or daughter to make that announcement in front of a large crowd of candy strips? It might just be a vocal minority, but there would almost certainly be audible hostility. Hopefully it would only be audible.

Some might say that New Albany is not an “IU ,” so there is little risk of it. That’s true, but it’s still a city with at least 25-50% IU, and nothing is going to stop IU fans from across the state from attending a public announcement.

There are myriad other ways to make the announcement, including at the McDonald’s All-American game or other extra-state . There is simply no need to expose yourself and your family to potential ugliness.

Indiana’s roster is the perfect mix

Finally, the highly scientific TDH prediction algorithm spat out one more thing. If Langford wants to play for a where he can show his talents in a good team on a national stage where he may not be overshadowed, then Indiana is the obvious choice. Both Kansas and Vanderbilt already have several 5-star engagements over the next year.

As we’ve seen with Kentucky and Duke, with too much talent, some people, even 5-stars, can take a back seat. Granted, Vanderbilt’s squad is going to give Langford plenty of opportunity to shine, but he would compete for touch and glory with Darius Garland in the background.

With Langford and striker Juwan Morgan, Indiana would have two high-profile players who could work well together and a deep, long and talented free roster for 2018-19. IU desperately needs a primary threat to the back space and a perimeter shooter. Langford could step straight into that role with little obvious competition while instantly turning Indiana national profile into a top 20 team with much greater national visibility.

Final thoughts

The TDH forecast. 100% accurate.

Wherever Romeo Langford plays, we wish him all the best. So much attention and notoriety can be a dangerous thing for someone so young. In any case, he handled everything with the dignity and grace we could all be proud of to call him a “Hoosier,” even when our scientific models somehow failed us – and the jersey doesn’t say Indiana on the front.



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