What’s your favourite meals in Indiana?

(Photo supplied / VisitIndiana.com)

What is your favorite “Indiana” meal? Fillets? Corn on the cob? Cream cake with sugar? There’s probably a good chance you can find it on an Culinary Trail.

Destination Development Corporation works with the Indiana Foodways Alliance to create 21 different trails for you.

More than 250 restaurants and shops are part of the trails that are specially tailored to a specific category, such as the state’s best steaks, barbecues, pizzas, fillets, cakes, ice cream, or wine and beer.

How does it work? You sign up for your Culinary Trails pass and then check in when you visit any of the locations. You will also receive rewards if you have visited a certain number of restaurants and shops on the paths.

For more information and the full list of hiking trails, visit VisitIndiana.com/cuisine.

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