WGU Indiana awards a $ 2,000 grant to a Native Information MBA pupil

– WGU awarded the WGU Alumni Master’s Scholarship of USD 2,000 to MBA student Alyssa Clapp from Westport, Indiana. The scholarship, which is only available to students who have already applied for a master’s degree, supports Clapp’s pursuit of a master’s degree in business administration.

The WGU Alumni Master’s Scholarship is one of many scholarships offered by the online university to support students financially. Since its inception in 2010, WGU Indiana has awarded 2,602 scholarships to qualified students that totaled more than $ 5 million over the course of their first decade.

Clapp, one of 5,600 Hoosiers currently studying for a degree from WGU Indiana, is also a staff member at the Decatur Memorial Hospital in Greensburg, Indiana, where she works as a laboratory manager. She is one of the 83% of WGU students who are employed full-time and who are also aiming for a university degree. Before starting the MBA program, Clapp completed her bachelor’s degree in health management at WGU Indiana in just 10 months.

“At WGU Indiana, we want to offer a solid scholarship program that is made available to qualified Hoosiers,” said Alison Bell, Chancellor of WGU Indiana. “We are excited that Alyssa’s future will unfold when she starts the MBA program.”

Scholarships are available year-round to current and prospective Indiana students. Further information on available scholarships and how to apply can be found at https://www.wgu.edu/online-nursing-health-degrees/rn-prelicensure-nursing-bachelors-program.html Further information on the WGU Indiana can be found at www. wgu.edu/indiana or follow the university on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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