Vaccination playing cards aren’t required to go maskless in Indiana eating places

INDIANAPOLIS – The day so many have been waiting for has come. CDC and President Biden say masks and social distancing guidelines are no longer required in most indoor spaces – once you are fully vaccinated.

Will restaurants and other indoor businesses require Hoosiers to show their vaccination cards to prove they are maskless? Patrick Tamm, President and CEO of the Restaurant and Lodging Association, says no.

“We don’t ask people about it right now, and I think this is where companies will try to make sure that we make people feel comfortable, especially in restaurants,” said Patrick Tamm. “Individual companies will still make these individual decisions, and here it would be helpful to have a common courtesy to others because, frankly, it’s a little different in every part of the state – what customers are ready or what they’re comfortable with. ”

With 92 counties and 96 individual health departments in the state, guidance has been left to the discretion of each individual. That makes things confusing for small business owners.

“It is the customer’s responsibility to decide whether to wear a mask or not. Customers are not interviewed at all, ”said Michael Cranfill, owner of The District Tap. “In most of the restaurants you go to, employees still have to wear masks – which I fully understand. You want to make sure that all customers feel safe in this environment. “

The safety and comfort of customers is a top priority as many restaurants have reported a strong start to the season.

“With the introduction of vaccinations, we’ve seen a huge increase in diners and larger family gatherings in restaurants,” said Tamm. “There is no mass front for personal freedoms if the company asks you to kindly do so. They only do this to make sure everyone is comfortable. “

With guidelines still changing from one county to the next, restaurants have chosen to play it safe while their staff are still wearing masks and prompting you to do so until they are seated safely.

We want our customers to feel safe – when they walk in. So we believe this is the right thing to do even if the Hamilton County mask mandate has expired, ”said Blake Fogelsong, Owner and Director of Operations, Clancy’s Inc .. “We look forward to getting back to normal. At some point we will take these off. “

Therefore, restaurants ask for patience for the time being.

Just have an extra courtesy for hoosiers. Just have common sense. There is no need to go crazy – over the situation, ”said Tamm. “Especially for that 16 year old host or server in a restaurant or reception.”

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