Vacation spot Indiana: Wesselman Woods

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Although school is back to school across Indiana, summer is still in full swing. Take a break from books and visit Nature’s Classroom at Wesselman Woods in Evansville.

Cindy Cifuentes is Director of Natural Resources and Research. She says the forest is a way for the whole family to have fun and explore.

“I want people to be just curious when they come here. When you see a beetle or a bird or a tree I want you to be just curious, what is it? Why is this here? “

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Wesselman Woods is in the middle of Evansville. The 200 hectare urban old forest is the largest in the country.

“Founded in 1972, we are about to celebrate our 50th anniversary. Now the forest has an eventful history of various land sales, ”says Kristina Arwood, Marketing Director.

Today you and your family can visit the forest, starting with a stop at the nature center, where various reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds and mammals are exhibited.

After viewing the exhibits and animals in the nature center, grab a field guide and head outside.

“If you are hiking,” suggests Kailene Goldsberry, senior environmental educator, “I would recommend stopping the museum and seeing all of our large birds of prey that we have and then taking your hike and just exploring the trails. The 200 hectare forest that we have. “

Children can enjoy the natural play area, which was only built in 2018.

“This place is so important because it is so rich in biodiversity and home to the city’s wildlife that would not be found anywhere else,” says Cifuentes.

Wesselman Woods has several throughout the year. There is Wellness in the Woods in September, followed by Wandering Owl in October with a wine and beer trail and the famous Maple Sugar Bush Festival in March.


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