Two Indiana ladies have been charged with collaborating within the Capitol riot

Dona Sue Bissey and Anna Morgan-Lloyd, both from Bloomfield, are being held in Vigo County Jail.

WASHINGTON, DC, USA – NOTE: The video above is from the February 23 Senate hearing on the Capitol Uprising.

Two women are arrested for alleged involvement in the Capitol riot. Dona Sue Bissey and Anna Morgan-Lloyd, both of Bloomfield, are charged with knowingly entering or staying in a restricted building or site without legitimate authority, and for forcibly entering the Capitol and behaving in disorder.

The FBI was made aware of Morgan-Lloyd when she received a gun license on January 22nd. A member of the Greene Co Sheriff’s Department recognized her from her Facebook posts about attending the January 6th .

The clerk then contacted the FBI, which said it had also received two tips about the women.

A witness told an FBI agent that Bissey owns a salon and she spoke regularly in support of QAnon and other conspiracy theories. The witness provided screenshots of Bissey’s Facebook page, which they showed in and outside the capital on January 6th.

Investigators set up the case based on the women’s comments and photos on Facebook to prove they were in Washington DC and entering the Capitol on January 6th.

One comment on the charges states that Bissey responded to a question about whether they had entered the building … “Yes, ma’am! Probably in the first group of 100-200 people. I take glass out of my purse. “

The prosecution states that when asked if she went into an office, she replied in writing, “NO. Only hall. Not in the rotunda. “

The indictment alleges that Morgan-Lloyd also posted photos on her Facebook page and wrote, “I’m here. Best day ever. We stormed the Capitol that built me, and Dona Bissey was in the first 50 people. “

Bissey is also quoted on the charges as saying, “I can tell you that the stood with their arms crossed even though the windows and doors were blown. No power. Some even opened doors and fences. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. “

Here is the full report against Bissey and Morgan-Lloyd:

Both Bissey and Morgan-Lloyd were released after a trial on Friday. You will be on trial again next week on the charges. They join several other Hoosiers arrested for participating in the uprising. This includes:

To learn more about the charges against her, click here.

#Breaking: Dona Sue Bissey and Anna Morgan-Lloyd, both from Bloomfield, IN, were arrested Wednesday in connection with the violence in the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. Stay up to date on all cases of Capitol violations: https: //

– FBI (@FBIIndianapolis) February 25, 2021

On January 6, the officers were vastly outnumbered when thousands of rioters descended on the building. Some of them were carrying wooden planks, stun guns, bear spray, and metal pipes when they broke through windows and doors and stormed through the Capitol. Officers were hit with barricades, knocked to the ground, trapped between doors, beaten and bloody as members of Congress were evacuated and Congress staff crouched in offices.

About 800 people actually entered the building during the uprising. There were five riot-related deaths, including that of a Capitol police officer.

The federal prosecutor’s office has indicted more than 250 people for their alleged role in the unrest and opened files on a further 500 people.

The Capitol Police are investigating the actions of 35 police officers on the day of the riot. Six of these officers were suspended for payment, a police spokesman said.

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