Try the terrifying footage from the deserted Indiana Asylum

Do you think asylum seekers are being haunted? I do, especially after seeing these photos.

A few weeks ago we reported about an abandoned asylum in that is for sale. We only have photos of the outside, but a brave soul – Christian Webb – got permission from the agent to take a few photos.

It’s such a cool building! I’ve done some extensive research. I would love to see it restored!

The asylum is located in Bloomingdale, IN, north of Terre Haute. The previously served as a poor house in Parke County but has been closed according to asylum projects. The home sits on 6.2 acres and is being sold as is as either residential or commercial for only $ 200,000. The number of rooms is not listed, but you can expect this to be a huge project as it is an old building. If you are looking to buy the building or plan a tour, contact Eric Wolfe, Prime Real Estate Group.

I don’t know about you guys, but this place scares me! If you want to buy it, you have it!

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