These are the most well-liked Indiana boy and woman names in 2020


Choosing a name for a newborn can be fun. But it can also be stressful. Some parents are lucky enough to know the name early in the pregnancy or even beforehand, while others take much longer to decide the day they leave the hospital.

Sometimes it’s hard to choose a name. There are too many possible influences – from pop culture to family history to trends.

The most popular boy name in in 2020 was Oliver. Oliver, the feminine version of Olivia, can also come from Olivier, a Norman French version of the Germanic name Alfher or Aleifr.

32,125 boys were born in last year. Of these, 402 or 1.25% were given the name Oliver.

The second and third most popular boy names in the in 2020 were Liam and Elijah, respectively. Approximately 1.18% of the state-born boys, or 378 boys, were named Liam. Approximately 1.01% or 326 newborn boys were named Elijah.

The most popular girl name in 2020 was Charlotte. The name is of French origin, often the feminine diminutive for Charles.

27,739 girls were born in last year. Of these, 327 girls or 1.18% were given the name Charlotte.

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