“There’s loads proper now,” Consultants say there isn’t a scarcity of gasoline in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS – There’s no shortage of gasoline in Indiana, but soaring prices have Hoosier consumers worried that one might be on our way.

The fuel shortage in the southeastern US was caused by a cyberattack on the largest US fuel pipeline that shut down operations.

The problem was exacerbated by consumers clamoring at the pumps – they filled with gas that was never scarce, according to the Indiana and Fuel Association executive director Scot Imus.

“The best way to really run out of fuel is for everyone to buy gasoline at the same time,” said Imus. “They have problems in the Southeast … however, the problem gets worse when people panic and make the purchase that they are.”

There’s no need to panic here in Indiana, none of the Midwestern states argues Imus. Then why are prices rising?

“It has nothing to do with the Colonial Pipeline, traditionally we see it every spring – but it’s a little later this year,” said Imus. “There is a cost to that revenue, and it happens from spring through summer, just before Memorial Day.”

Hoosiers are still hurting at the pump, and many are hoping prices will stay where they are … or come down soon.

“Man, it sucks that prices go up, but I mean, it’s one of those things that it does … up here, you have to have it,” said Larry Williams. “I have to get from A to B and you have to have gas to get to that point.”

According to Imus, it is a simple economy: the more people buy gasoline, the less product is left over.

“It’s very similar to what consumers did at the start of when everyone bought toilet paper,” said Imus. “There is no reason for people to buy extra gasoline in today or anytime soon.”

There is a chance the pipeline serving could also fall victim to a ransomware attack, but Imus said it was not likely.

“There is always this fear – I mean, we are now in this kind of world that we have to protect ourselves from,” said Imus. “At the moment the offer is plentiful.”

Colonial hopes their pipeline systems will be fully operational again by the end of the week. Imus believes if that happens things will quickly go back to normal.

“It won’t take long to recover from this,” said Imus. “And as for us, if you stop buying gasoline in Indiana, especially if you wait in long lines, there is absolutely no reason for you to do so. Spend your time elsewhere. You know, enjoy the nice weather, because we don’t have a supply problem here in Indiana. “

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