The RV Trade Has One other Document Month Throughout Indiana

RESTON, VA. – The recreational vehicle industry had another record month this spring.

The RV Industry Association’s April 2021 survey of manufacturers found that total RV shipments ended the month at 51,813 units, most for every April registered and an increase of more than 9% from the previous record in April 2018.

The RV manufacturers have each set a new record for RV shipments in the past six months, sending more and more RVs to dealer lots as consumer demand for RVs continues to grow.

“Even when other forms of travel return, the desire to go outdoors in a motorhome and experience an active outdoor is stronger than ever. RVing has been cemented as one of the most important travel options that will stay here, ”said Craig Kirby, President and CEO of the RV Industry Association. “We know that because of their interest in the great outdoors, their newfound flexibility to work remotely or go to school, and their desire to spend time with family, plan to drive an RV. These are not short-term, pandemic-related reasons, but speak for the long-term attractiveness of mobile homes. “

The total shipments in April 2021 corresponds to 619.9% ​​compared to the 7,197 shipments delivered last April. April 2020 shipments were cut as the RV industry went into -19 shutdown.

Tow trucks, led by conventional caravans, ended the month with 46,760 wholesale deliveries and RVs ended the month with 5,053 units. Park Model RVs ended the month up 57.5% from April 2020 with 378 wholesale deliveries.

Most of the RVs are manufactured in northern and are concentrated in Counties of Elkhart and LaGrange.

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