The Rushville household loses every part in the home fireplace days earlier than Christmas

Their home for more than a decade was gone in minutes.

RUSHVILLE, Ind. – A family home in Rushville caught fire just days before Christmas. It destroyed all of their belongings.

Heather and Cliff Griffith and their two children lived in a hotel until they found a new place to live.

Cliff said he would pick up his daughter when the fire started. He came back to find smoke rolling from the bedroom window. He quickly grabbed his wife and son and met his daughter at the door.

“The windows started blowing. The flames just rolled. It happened so quickly, ”he said. “You couldn’t see anything in front of you. A black wall of smoke rolled through there. ”

The they lived in for more than a decade was gone within minutes. They lost precious memories and photos, including all of their Christmas gifts.

“Between the smoke and water damage, the fire absorbed pretty much everything,” said Cliff.

The community has started a fundraising campaign on Facebook and is collecting donations to get the family back on their feet with clothes, and living space.

Cliff and his family are humble and grateful for the donations and support they have provided so far.

“We are definitely blessed to have all made it without injuries,” he said.

As of Saturday evening, the family was in a new home, a small step to get back to normal.

The fire is being investigated. Officials declared the house a total loss.

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