The Michigan ladies’s staff makes an emergency touchdown in Indiana

ANN ARBOR, Michigan (AP) – The University of Michigan women’s has safely returned to Ann Arbor after their flight was forced to make an emergency landing in late Saturday.

“We flew through a storm and lost pressure on our plane,” said team spokeswoman Sarah VanMetre in a statement. “The oxygen masks came down and we made an emergency landing in Evansville.”

Nobody got hurt, she said.

The Wolverines returned to Ann Arbor from San Antonio after losing to Baylor 78-75 in overtime in an NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 matchup on Saturday afternoon.

“I’ve just had the worst flying experience,” Michigan assistant coach Toyelle Wilson wrote on Twitter. “We’re flying back to MI and have a storm lost pressurization – the oxygen masks fell out of the compartments. I said we fell at certain feet and had to use them. “

Wilson posted a photo on Twitter of trainer Kim Barnes Arico, her staff, and her team on the plane, a Boeing 737-400, about 15 minutes after landing in Evansville.

The team served ordered pizza and was eventually able to board a flight that left the gate at 3:47 a.m. time and was in the air at 3:54 a.m., VanMetre said.

The Wolverines landed at an airport in Ypsilanti at 5:54 a.m. Eastern Time on Sunday.

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