The Indiana legislation agency presents free help with submitting for COVID funeral bills

Funeral reimbursement for families who lost loved ones to -19 has been available since April, but not everyone may know how to access it.

People must apply through FEMA to receive funds for funeral and funeral expenses. A law firm can provide assistance to those trying to steer the process.

Law firm Applegate & Dillman is hosting a free informational seminar Tuesday to answer questions and guide people through this application. It is an open format that is open to anyone who wishes to participate.

FEMA is offering to reimburse up to $ 9,000 per -related funeral after January 20, 2020, or up to $ 35,000 per claim if multiple family members have passed away.

This seminar answers questions to determine if families are eligible, helps them know what documents they need, and answers any questions as they go through the process.

Practicing older law, Carol Applegate says this seminar is aimed at those who may be struggling with its application.

“A lot of my customers don’t have computers at home. They can’t use their phones that easily, ”Applegate explained. “By helping them put this information together and get their application number, they can also send them in by post, these documents. But they want to make sure that they are prepared and have the correct documents when they submit them. “

The seminar will take place from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Applegate & Dillman office in Zionsville.

For RSVP you can call 317-492-9569.

To apply for reimbursement directly, you must do so through FEMA.

If families are eligible, they must provide a death certificate that lists -19 as a “cause of death.” The death must have happened in the United States too.

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