The Indiana legal professional normal argues that the governor is exceeding authority

INDIANAPOLIS – The attorney general argues that the governor is falsely attempting to use the courts to expand his powers by challenging the authority given by lawmakers to intervene in emergencies.

Republican Governor Eric Holcomb last month called on a judge to block the new bill passed by the GOP-dominated legislature after many Conservatives were subject to the statewide mask mandate and other restrictions Holcomb imposed through executive orders to had criticized.

Attorney General Todd Rokita, also a Republican, argued in court documents filed late Monday that he had legal authority to deny Holcomb’s motion to take the dispute to court after the legislature suspended the governor’s veto of the new law Had put strength.

“A complaint by the governor against lawmakers to invalidate a law passed through the governor’s veto is tantamount to demanding a“ super ”veto by the judiciary,” said the attorney general’s file.

Holcomb’s attorneys argued last week that Rokita was making “absurd” arguments that he alone had the legal authority to represent the in court and determine the constitutionality of the new law.

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