The Indiana household thanks first responders months after a gunman by chance pointed them on the state park information

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – A family thanks officials and first responders months after a gunman accidentally shot their vehicle while leaving O’Bannon Park, Harrison County.

The August incident resulted in gunshot wounds to both men and women. Your 16 year old daughter was in the back seat when the man crashed into a tree while trying to drive away.

A few days later, two suspects were arrested in North Dakota.

Timothy Sargent and Savannah Emich. Courtesy of the Sioux Falls, South Dakota Department. August 24, 2020

Now, four months later, the family has reached out to the first responders who have helped them, including Corydon Police Officer Mark Bye, Conservation Officer Jim Schreck, and Indiana State Police Trooper Nathan Newton. They were the first to arrive at the scene and provide lifesaving aid.

Indiana State Police detectives Chris Tucker and Josh Banet gathered evidence on the case and helped arrest the suspects in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Timothy Sargent, 41, and Savannah Emich, 20, face murder charges in several states, including this one.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources wished the family well in a Facebook post.

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