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(WISH) – While the Final Four are giving tips this weekend, kids are getting their very own Final Four experience at an Indianapolis Boys & Girls Club.

As part of the NCAA Legacy Project through Corp, the kids in the LeGore Unit of the Boys & Girls Club were given a brand new gym that looks like it was done for the pros in time for the Final Four of the NCAA tournament.

The project replaced rims, floors and scoreboards and brought the gym from a previous century.

The NCAA Legacy Project featured by Degree last week gave us the incredible opportunity to restore the LeGore’s Boys and Girls Club high school.

We hope that by renovating this gym, we will inspire the members of the boys and girls club to push their limits!

– Indiana Sports Corp (@IndSportsCorp) March 30, 2021

“It was very out of date. This gym was built in 1991 and has not been renovated since. The ceiling was blue, the walls hadn’t been painted, the back panels and rims were from 1991, ”said Kim Dehoney-Barnett, director of the Boys & Girls Club.

The renovation took about a month. It’s exactly what the kids on the LeGore unit needed.

“Our kids love ,” said Dehoney-Barnett. “Just to have something new and sparkling especially for our kids, it’s a big deal.”

Kingston Young, 8, said the new gym was a lot better than the old one. He also said he liked “all the new basketball things”.

An important feature in the gym is the huge, colorful mural that greets you as you enter.

“I think it’s very representative of what we wanted our gym to be, especially this renovation,” said Dehoney-Barnett.

This particular location is home to two different basketball leagues and hosts a basketball program, not to mention the pre and post school programs they host.

“Every child that comes to the facility uses our gym,” said Dehoney-Barnett.

For the kids who watched the tournament from home, seeing the same logo on their screen in their home seat is special.

Sophia Barnett, 8, said it was “really exciting” to play on a fancy course like the college players do.

In addition to the renovated gym, the Legacy Project also renovated part of the library and donated almost 75 backpacks of school supplies.

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