The GOP Chairman-backed candidate loses to Chris Spurr to interchange Larry Brown

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Waynes NBC) – Chris Spurr is the newest member of Allen County Council.

In late June, former Allen County councilor Larry Brown resigned after making controversial comments.

Since then, three Republican candidates, Emery McClendon, Elizabeth Underwood and Chris Spurr have been running to replace Brown and have a seat at the table.

On Monday evening, 18 members of the district met with the candidates at Allen County’s Republican headquarters in Fort Wayne.

After the members of the district voted, the results showed that each candidate received six votes.

To break the tie, the district’s 18 members voted again.

After another round of voting, the results showed that Underwood received seven votes, Spurr received six votes, and McClendon received five votes.

County members then voted again between Spurr and Underwood to determine who would be the newest member of the county council.

After the district members voted again, Republican chairman Steven Shine announced that Spurr received 11 votes and Underwood received seven votes.

Spurr becomes the newest member of Allen County Council.

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