Teen tells IMPD that older brother killed 6 in a household dwelling

INDIANAPOLIS – Detectives from the IMPD Violent Crimes Division arrived in Plainfield overnight to arrest a teenage teenager who is accused of killing six people in his parents’ home before Sunday morning.

The teen is likely to be charged as an adult in Marion Superior Court by the end of the week.

An IMPD report obtained from CBS4 reported how the first officers to arrive on site discovered the suspect’s younger brother, who was suffering from gunshot wounds, and heard the report that took investigators to a house on the 3500 block on North Adams Street in the East of the led to side where the bodies of the other victims were discovered.

The dead were identified as the parents of the house, Kezzie and Raymond Childs, both 42, their 18-year-old son Elijah and 13-year-old daughter Rita, and 19-year-old Kiara Hawkins died along with their unborn son, who was almost of age.

Investigators have not disclosed the child’s father’s name.

A 17-year-old man is in custody while a younger brother is still in hospital recovering from his wounds.

It is this younger teenager who first drew the police’s attention to the horrific scene they would discover just after 4 a.m. on Sunday.

According to the IMPD report, the first officers to respond found the younger teenager with gunshot wounds on the 3300 block of East 36th Street, just around the corner from the family home.

One report reported that the boy said, “They killed my family,” while the first IMPD report when he arrived at an emergency room indicated that the youth told officers that everyone in his home had been shot and his older brother had been shot the shooter was.

When officers returned to the family home in North Adams, they discovered several bodies inside and immediately requested that Hawkins be transported to the hospital to save their life and that of their unborn child.

When detectives interviewed the boy at the hospital, he told police that his older brother had been reprimanded by his father for leaving the house without permission, and the son was told that the problem would be resolved later, but the teenager was not I agree.

Back then, the boy said, when he was downstairs in the house with his parents, they heard gunshots upstairs and his sister yelled, “He shot her,” followed by more gunshots.

The teenager then said his brother, “came down the stairs with a Draco gun, a pistol that shoots rifle cartridges, and started firing.”

The boy said he ran out the side door of the house, his brother chased him and shot him away, which would be responsible for the four shots that neighbors told CBS4 they heard.

“Because we found this young man, who had sustained some significant gunshot wounds, and he pointed us towards that address on Adams Street that we had no idea what we would find if we walked through the door when the officers walked in the door there, “said Chris Bailey, deputy IMPD chief. “I can’t imagine how awful what you saw yesterday was.”

Throughout Sunday, relatives and friends gathered on Adams Street, looking for answers and access to the house, and at some point asked CBS4 to receive that a 15-year-old relative had not been reported.

This teenager was in the hospital.

His older brother was also missing.

A few hours later, detectives followed the kid to Plainfield, where he was arrested.

IMPD would not disclose whether he was taken into custody with evidence linking him to the murders or whether the juvenile would make a statement to investigators.

“Our detectives and our violent crime department are following the instructions. They follow information they gather from their investigation through a variety of investigation techniques and methods, ”Bailey said. “We got information from the community, from neighbors, from people who were concerned about what happened.”

A neighbor told CBS4 that she had provided the officers with specific information that would enable them to track down the absent teenager.

There have been 21 murders in Indianapolis so far this year, bringing the number of murders in the city in 2021 well above the record pace of last year.

“We have a serious problem in our community with people who don’t know how to deal with their conflicts except with a weapon or a blade,” said Bailey.

The juvenile is currently being held at the Marion County Detention Center, although investigators have until Thursday to file charges.

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