Take a look at these 6 nice native hen sandwiches in Evansville

EVANSVILLE, Ind. – Fried chicken sandwiches are a big deal these days. The chains may battle each other in slick prime-time commercials, but we wanted to see what creative twists local put on theirs.

We asked for favorites in Tri- Restaurant Reviews and sourced samples from Walton’s International Comfort Food, The Rooftop, Bud’s Rockin ‘Country Bar & Grill, The Sportsman’s Grille & Billiards, Duffy’s PubHouse, and Dontae’s on Main Pizza Parlor. Everyone had their own flavor, from sweet tea marinade to candied bacon and homemade allspice.

If you’re planning a chicken sandwich tour of the area, be aware that our office tasting was limited to Evansville restaurants that open in the afternoon. Chicken sandwiches from Amy’s on Franklin, Commander’s Grill in Boonville, and Major Munch were also highly recommended, and we regret missing out on them.

Read on for comments from our tasters and to find out which sandwich was the favorite in the office. Sandwiches are listed in no particular order.

1. Waltons, 956 Parrett St.


Southern Fry, $ 12 with fries and jalapeno aioli

The Southern Fry is a long-running hit on Walton’s changeable menu. The breaded chicken breast is on a sweet brioche roll with a generous scoop of allspice, fried capicola salami, lettuce, red onions and tomatoes.

Our tasters loved the heat kick – almost everyone mentioned that the seasoning was just right, noticeable, but not clumsy. Bread, which stayed nice and crispy even after being transported, photographed, and sliced, was another big plus, and the chicken was juicy and juicy.

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Richie's Chicken Sandwich from The Rooftop on Thursday, July 15, 2021. The Rooftop is famous for its chicken sandwiches, and this one is embellished with the homemade citrus salad.

2. The Roof, 112 NW Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.


Richie’s Chicken Sandwich, $ 13 with homemade fries

Richie’s Chicken is hand-breaded and served simply with a generous scoop of the sweet and flavorful citrus salad from The Rooftop.

Some of our tasters really enjoyed the coleslaw and said it had a sweet and flavorful taste that really set the sandwich apart. Others weren’t so sure whether coleslaw belonged on a fried chicken sandwich. Just to judge like that? You try!

The rooftop is known for its selection of chicken sandwiches. Others include the not-yo mommas chicken with bacon, mac-n-cheese, and BBQ sauce; and the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich with homemade buffalo sauce, lettuce, tomatoes and onions. The Chicken that Bacon’d in Ranch with Mozzarella Cheese, Bacon, and Ranch Dressing comes with grilled chicken, but we bet they’d use a fried breast if you ask. The Rooftop’s new Rev the Roof truck will also have chicken sandwiches on the menu.

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A Simply Southern Chicken Sandwich from Duffy's PubHouse on Thursday July 15, 2021. This tender chicken starts with a sweet tea marinade and ends with sauce aioli and vegetables on a toasty bun.

3. Duffy’s PubHouse, 5201 Kratzville Road


Simply Southern Chicken Sandwich, $ 11.50 with tortilla chips

This one is all the way south, starting with a sweet tea marinade and ending with Sauce Aioli, which is just that, a mayonnaise spread with the taste of a good sauce. In between, the sandwich is served with bacon jam, lettuce and tomato on a sweet brioche roll.

Our tasters noticed the gentle sweetness of this sandwich. Both the bun and the sweet tea marinade added a hint of sugar which made it unique. Crunchy breading and moist chicken were pluses.

The Norris Chicken Sandwich from Dontae's on Main Pizza Parlor on Thursday, July 15, 2021. This sandwich is flavorful and topped with cream cheese, lettuce and pickles to offset the richness of the cheese.  We loved it.

4. Dontae’s on Main, 606 N. Main St.


The Norris, $ 9.99 with fries

The Norris begins with a large roasted breast and is refined with a slice of cream cheese, spicy honey aioli, cucumber and lettuce.

The cream cheese topping on The Norris was interesting and received positive reviews from all of our tasters. The creaminess of the cheese and the aioli is balanced by plenty of pickles, which in our opinion provide a pleasant taste experience. Crunchy breadcrumbs that withstand the trip and flavorful chicken were also noted.

If you like it a little spicier, you can leave out the aioli at Dontaes Cluck Norris Sandwich and dip the whole breast in the spicy-sweet sauce of the house. It’s also topped with cream cheese, cucumber, and lettuce.

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A Grippo's Dusted Chicken Sandwich from Bud's Rockin 'Country Bar and Grill on Thursday, July 15, 2021. This monster is crusted with crushed Grippos chips and topped with smoked cheddar, candied bacon and more on a ciabatta bun.  Very impressive.

5. Buds, 2124 W. Franklin St.


Grippos Dusted Chicken, $ 12 with a side

A huge chicken breast is coated with Grippo’s potato chips before roasting and then topped with smoked cheddar cheese, candied bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, onions and spicy honey mustard on grilled ciabatta bread.

When size matters, this beast takes the cake. The chicken breast alone must have weighed over half a pound. Everyone loved the breading of the grippo and the balance of sweet and tangy flavors that it and the honey mustard brought to life. The coating stayed crispy and the chicken was flavorful. As you can imagine, the candied bacon was a hit. The word “amazing” has been used a lot.

If you’re into those crazy mega sandwiches, Bud’s sister restaurant in Boonville, Third Street Saloon, has one called The Hot Mess, which has American cheese, thick pepperoni, sausage sauce, and a fried egg on brioche.

A Chicken Bacon Ranch Chicken Sandwich from The Sportsman's Grille and Billiards, on Thursday, July 15, 2021. True to its name, the sandwich is generously loaded with ranch dressing, bacon, and American cheese.

6. Sportsman’s Grille, 2315 W. Franklin St.


Chicken Bacon Ranch, $ 9.50 a la carte

True to the name, this fried breast was topped with bacon, ranch dressing and cheddar cheese.

Our tasters mentioned that the breading was dark and noted that it had a blackened taste and a crispy texture. The meat was damp. The cheese and ranch dressing balances out the crispy chicken and bacon for a nice mix of flavor and texture.

Sportsman’s also offers the Franklin Street Chicken Sandwich with the house’s sweet and flavorful Sporty Sauce and ranch dressing. Lettuce, tomato and onion can be added to order.

And the office favorite? Drum roll …

Walton’s Southern Fry received top awards for the interesting additions of allspice cheese and capicola, the perfect heat setting and the general harmony of the ingredients. Closely followed by Bud’s with the sweet and spicy breadcrumbs from Grippo and the “amazing” candied bacon.

Tell us which chicken sandwich is your favorite!

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