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By Don [email protected]

Dwight Neal, 46, who was believed to have been involved in the December 21 robbery of the PNC Bank of Bronson, was judged on Friday by a jury in St. Joseph County, for his involvement in the December 18 robbery at Flagstar Bank South Bend condemned.

The prosecution amended the charges prior to trial to include aiding, inducing or causing robbery, a level 5 crime of which he was found guilty. He was acquitted of having assisted in an armed robbery.

Sentenced on July 24th by Supreme Court Justice John Mamocha, Neal could face three to 16 years and a nine-year deliberative sentence.

Jessica McBrier, director of media relations at Attorney General Ken Cotter, said: “The charges have been amended to reflect the theory of the case presented to the jury that Dwight Neal was not the principal who entered the bank while at the bank to more clearly reflect robbery, but was the getaway driver. “

The alleged robber in the case was identified as Shawn Fox.

South Bend Department spokesman Kevin Garcia said he learned that Neal was a possible suspect of the bank robbery when investigating a domestic disruption call on Dec. 22.

Security photos of the two armed robberies showed a black man in sunglasses and a hoodie. They both seemed to be the same man.

Three days after the December 21 raid on South Bend in Bronson, a man walked into the PNC Bank at 120 W Chicago Street. He went to a cashier and said he had a gun but did not show one. He asked for money and fled the front door with an unknown amount.

The were able to identify a gray colored four-door sedan that was in the area of ​​both banks at the time of the robbery. Bronson police said Neal was a suspect in the PNC robbery.

No charges were brought in the Bronson robbery.

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