Strack & Van Til Checkout Challege to Feed 667,000 Meals to Needy Headlines in northwest Indiana

Treasure Island Nutrition, a nutrition store on 1947 W. 45th St. in Griffith, is looking to fundraise and make online sales after its owner’s household was hit by two infections within a month.

The Herbalife subsidiary opened near the Highland-Griffith border just months before the global spread of the pandemic and has now temporarily closed its stationary location. It sells teas, shakes, and other nutritional supplements aimed at people who want to bodybuild, lose weight, exercise as an athlete, or just get in shape.

“Treasure Island Nutrition will remain closed until further notice. This ugly has struck our home for the second time in less than 30 days,” the owners posted online. “Just five short months after we opened our doors, we were all hit by a global pandemic. Treasure Island Nutrition stayed open all the time to provide your bodies with the best nourishment and to strengthen our immune systems.

“The final quarter of this year was difficult to say the least. We had four family deaths in October alone. That required travel in November. Bring us to December, which we closed for most of the month because of -19 Mein Husband was infected which forced me to quarantine and care for my family and now it has hit me, I have to quarantine and stay home while our business suffers from this terrible virus.

“”My husband won’t be able to reopen his tattoo business until I’m free. We did not receive government assistance as there were no product recalls and no progress was made on the applications for assistance we filled out. All donations to keep our dream and small business alive are very much appreciated. The money raised goes straight into the bills to keep us open. While the big corporations will be saved, this is all we need to stay afloat. Many Thanks! See you in paradise. “

For more information, visit under Keep Treasure Island Alive.

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