See this Southern Indiana 1968 Frolic Camper on the market

It’s 2020, but it’s very obvious that “retro” things have more style today than ever before. So this camper called “Dottie Mae” would be someone’s dream motorhome.

My family and I have always loved camping. We especially love visiting new and vintage campers just to see how beautiful they look inside. That’s why I knew I had to share her with you as soon as I saw “Dottie Mae”.

“Dottie Mae” is a 1968 Frolic Town Car. Now I know what you might be thinking, “Why is it called a car when it’s actually an RV?” I was wondering the same thing, but according to the listing, it was called a city car because it has a bathroom and shower. Who knew?

Here’s the cool thing: this camper was actually made in Elkhart . Yes, “Dottie Mae” is a Hoosier and she is a beauty inside and out!

The camper is 16 feet long and can accommodate up to 6 people. According to the listing, the original stove is still in the mobile home and is in excellent condition. However, the owner never used it. There also seems to be a lot of storage space in the RV. “Dottie Mae” comes with a canopy, poles, outside carpets, leveling winches, Blue Boy waste tank, pipe connections and a spare wheel. It can be yours for $ 8,000 and is located in Evansville.

Are you ready for a tour of “Dottie Mae”?

1968 Frolic Camper for sale in Evansville

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