RTO Of us Fundraise $ 9,000 for the Native Indiana Household

Misty and Brian Grow of Growby’s LLC, dba Growby’s RTOAn ARPO member, along with other organizers, hosted the seventh annual Dumon McCain Memorial Ride. The three-year-old benefited from the fundraising campaign Easton Ritchison and his family with $ 9,000.

Recipient Easton Ritchison was diagnosed with Cri-du-Chat syndrome at birth, a chromosomal disorder due to a missing part of the fifth chromosome. Recently, Ritchison survived a surgical mistake made by a previous doctor that made his life more difficult. In these situations, Ritchison now has to be looked after by his mother around the clock. Jessica Carter.

“It was really touch-and-go for a while [with Easton]”Carter said in a recent release.” We’ve shown so much love and support from the community. It’s the humblest thing we’ve ever been through and I’m eternally grateful, “Carter said after hearing, that her family would benefit from it this year.

$ 9,000 was raised for Ritchison and his family through donations, a raffle, live auction, ticket sales, and a restaurant’s engagement representing five percent of all sales that day. This year 97 motorcycles drove and the is the second highest amount raised for a family.

“We were concerned about all of the changes we had to make to the event due to the pandemic. We even had to postpone our original date and didn’t ask as much from local businesses as we usually do, ”said Brian Grow. “Although it was difficult, I’m very grateful to the community for making this year’s ride a success!”

Every year these couples organize the trip: Amy and husband, Byron Amaya;; the growth; and Rachel with the husband Morgan Lee, Captain of the Bedford Department. The Dumon McCain Memorial Ride is one of the longest running memorial rides in the . It honors Amy Amaya’s prodigal son Dumon McCain.

“It keeps Dumon’s memory alive and it is heartwarming to see friends and family come to the event every year,” said Misty Grow. “The community support and love of the recipient’s family underscore what this event is really about: compassion and humility.”

Those interested can learn more about the beneficiary on their For the Love of Easton Facebook page. The family also has a GoFundMe page dedicated to Ritchison that can be found here. locals can follow the annual memorial ride through their Dumon McCain Memorial Ride Facebook page, or reach out to Misty Grow on Facebook to keep up to date.

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