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It is not easy to find an experienced company for rotational molding near me. A good rotational molder is essential to the success of your project.

Proven Capabilities

R&R Technologies LLC is the U.S. leading manufacturer of high-quality rotational molded components for over 50 years in the Midwest. We place great emphasis on the best people and processes. Call us at 812 526 655 for a quote about your requirements. Visionary ideas are the hallmark of our clients and they are looking for partners to bring them to fruition.

Turnkey Services

R&R Technologies LLC specializes in the production of large quantities of plastic parts. The plastic rotational mold process makes it possible to make large quantities comparable to blow molding. But, we are more flexible in terms of design. R&R Technologies LLC is your trusted partner.

Services We Offer

      • Plastics Product Design & EngineeringHigh Volume
      • Rotational MoldingPolyethylene, flexible and rigid PVC, Nylon, EVA, and other products.
      • Foam Filling
      • Mold-in graphics
      • Robotic and CNC Trimming
      • Product Assembly
      • Warehousing & Distribution

R&R Technologies LLC can offer more than a rotomolding business. We believe in making great ideas become reality. We are experts in large-scale plastic product manufacturing.

Industries We Service

      • Recreation
      • FurnitureOutdoors
      • Food & Beverage
      • Marine
      • Industrial / Commercial
      • Vehicles

R&R Technologies LLC offers roto-molding services that produce hollow plastic parts to exact specifications. They also offer low tooling costs and high-value post-mold services. Our services allow you to load powder or resin into a hollow mold. The mold then rotates around two axes in an oven until it is uniformly coated. The hollow plastic part of the mold can be removed after it has cooled.

Roto-Molding Services that Save Money and Time

Rotational molding, also called rotomolding and roto casting, is a great tool for prototyping as well as for low- and high-volume production runs.  tools can be made from two-piece sheet metal molds or multi-piece aluminum molds that have articulating features.

Rotomolding can be used for small and intricate projects as well as large complex parts. Rotomolding can produce many shapes that are not possible to make using other methods. Because there is no pressure during rotational molding, hardware can be molded in for strength and durability. Rotomolding is a different type of plastic molding process that doesn’t allow for molded-in hardware.

A wide range of colors and textures can be supported by roto-molding services. , also known as roto casting, can create uniform walls without thinning at the extremities like other processes. R&R Technologies LLC‘s ability to create rotomolded parts that have multiple walls and undercuts is a favorite feature of designers. For insulation and strength, rotomolded parts can be filled with polyurethane foam.

Rotational Molded-in Graphics Services

Custom rotomolded parts from R&R Technologies LLC can feature mold In graphics, a permanent way to mark, decorate, brand, or label your plastic parts. Some plastic materials require spray adhesives, while others don’t stick well to traditional stickers or labels. Our mold-in graphics is a permanent labeling and branding system that can be used to mark products. It also provides better resistance against UV, weather, and chemicals.

Services We Offer

R&R Technologies LLC can make many types of custom-rotomolded parts. Services include:

      • Ventilation Ducts
      • Chemical Feeder Assemblies
      • Accessories for shopping cart
      • Multiply your potential customers
      • Bins and Pallets
      • Mufflers
      • Point-of-Purchase Assemblies
      • Boats
      • Spine Boards
      • Baby changing stations
      • Lawn/Garden Equipment Housings
      • Printer Housings
      • Parts washers
      • Water treatment tanks

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Article submitted by R&R Technologies LLC, a nationwide plastic provider and is ISO 9001:2000 registered and a member of Association of Rotational Molders International. We are located at 7560 East County Line Road, Edinburgh, IN 46124, Ph: (812) 526-2655

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