Proposed improvement creates concern for NW Indiana Household Farm – NBC Chicago

The future of a long-standing family farm that has been a staple in northwest Indiana for 80 years could be jeopardized by the proposed senior residence development.

Scheeringa Farms, at 9436 Cline Ave. located in the highlands, belongs to the family that bears their name, but the family has also worked another piece of land – a nearby 20-hectare that they allegedly cultivate with a “handshake”.

The Highland Town Council recently decided to reschedule this land, a move that would pave the way for a senior residence and, according to a councilor, generate tax revenue in the community.

Not all of them are on board, however.

“Why is a multi-million dollar company out of getting such red carpet treatment?” asked Mark Schocke, President of the Highland Town Council.

The Scheeringa family uses the 20 hectare piece of land to grow some of their vegetables and organize a ride for the community.

“We’ve been doing this all our lives since we were little girls, and I couldn’t imagine my life here without it,” said Janille Scheeringa.

All they want for the family is the chance to buy the land.

“What they don’t understand are the hay rides, the things that the young children have to do, the fundraising drives that we run for all schools and the of Highland,” explained Janille Scherringa. “If we can’t afford to do this for them, then there are a lot of things that will change.”

An attorney for the developer said the plan was only seven acres of development for now, and the family could continue to farm the rest for the foreseeable future.

A city council member said the was made aware of the plan more than a year ago.

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