Progress on the brand new seafood restaurant in Evansville

The building that housed Chili’s for years is currently undergoing a bit of renovation and is preparing to welcome a new restaurant on Evansville’s east side. Evansville 411 shared a picture of the renovation of the building at 600 N. Green River Road that will soon be home to Pier 17 Cajun Seafood and Bar. This will be only the second location for Pier 17, the other being the original Louisville, KY restaurant.

We don’t know exactly when Pier 17 in Evansville will open yet, but I can tell you the Louisville location didn’t open until June 2020. A year later they are opening a new location in another state, and I hear that Pier 17 would like to open another location in Louisville as well. That tells me Pier 17 needs to be doing something right.

After seeing the menu, Pier 17 seems like the type of restaurant I’ll really enjoy. A relaxed, casual atmosphere that welcomes shorts, t-shirts, and flip flops – where you can eat with your hands without being looked at by other guests. Speaking of the menu – it is huge – there is something for everyone and every taste. You can choose between lobster, clams, shrimp (headless or frontal), scallops, crab legs, catfish, cod, clams, oysters and calamari. You can choose whether you want to be a little more “exotic” with frogs’ legs or alligator tails. You can get the seafood cooked or fried; on a platter, in a basket or maybe on a Po ‘Boy sandwich. They also have great choices for country lovers, including chicken tenders, chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, and more.

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