Pennsylvania’s sports activities betting is best than its neighbors in gradual April

Pennsylvania betting handle fell 14% Month after month in April through $ 479 million, but the numbers still represented a relative gain for the .

The slump was almost entirely due to the sports calendar, with PA doing much better than and Michigan.

These states fell 25% and 26%, respectively.

More sports are being practiced than in April 2020

The comparison with the previous year is also interesting for PA sports betting. April 2020 marks the depths of the shut down.

As a result, the value for sports betting increased eight-fold compared to the previous year $ 60 million last year.

The revenue almost rose 13x year-on-year according to the state report to 36 million US dollars. That was still a sign 12% However, decrease from month to month.

Pennsylvania sports betting came in 7.5% Hold on for the month while the state earns $ 8.9 million in taxes.

In the meantime, the operators split up $ 9.7 million in bonuses.

Who leads sports betting in Pennsylvania?

FanDuel held on to the leash in the handle and took a 35% Share.

That became of it $ 14 million in gross sports betting revenue. That went to $ 11.4 million in net sales after taking bonuses into account.

DraftKings was second in the handle share 22%what leads to $ 6.5 million in GGR and $ 5.5 million in NGR.

Bar stool likes bonus

Bar stool sports betting came third on the market with one 12.2% Proportion of the handle. It has more bonuses than FanDuel, though, despite having a third of the grip. That led to straight $ 150,000 in net gaming revenue.

That would have been good for 12th place in the market, although it’s worth noting that the operator just had a lower than usual score 4.8% stop.

That said, the bonus spending is a bit divided With Barstool’s earlier claims, it didn’t have to pay for customer acquisition like its competitors. Bar stool founder Dave Portnoy said the previous increase in bonuses was a one-off to make up for a failure in the area Super bowl.

Rounding out the top 5 sports betting in Pennsylvania

Relative newcomer BetMGM came under control in fourth place 6.9%even though it spent a lot of money to get there. It made $ 2.5 million in GGR with $ 1.4 million in bonuses. That was synonymous $ 1.1 million in NGR.

BetRivers rounded off the top 5 with a 10.2% Handle Share and $ 2.2 million NGR.

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