Ought to Porter Moser stick with Loyola Chicago or take the job in Indiana?

Dan Wetzel and Pete Thamel of Yahoo and Pat Forde of Sports Illustrated discuss the future of Loyola Chicago head coach Porter Moser and whether they believe he should stay or jump to a program like .

Video transcript

DAN WETZEL: All right, Loyola Chicago versus Oregon . Hikers give six and a half. Pat had a story about Loyola this week and asked the question. I thought that would be a great twist, Pat. Should Porter Moser stay in Loyola and create Butler by the lake?

I like it. Well, he’s two games up from a second final. It’s everything Butler has ever done, and obviously they’ve been better for a while. What do you think pat Talk about Loyola, not just Sister Jean.

PAT FORDE: Yes exactly? I mean, it’s exactly what he’s got there. What he created is that the cheapest word in college sports is culture. But to use the old Supreme Court sentence you know when you see it they have real culture, you know? It is not a fake.

Everyone is totally bought in and they do things their own way. There it reminds me a lot of Butler and the way Brad Stevens did things, you know? Where it’s just a little different but everyone says, OK, yeah, that makes sense. And we’re all in, and we’re going to recruit people who just shop in and do it our way.

Gonzaga did. Some other do too. But just what I noticed when I saw them, their two games here, they miss a shot and everyone claps. I think that’s interesting because they just take it to the point that it’s not a coincidence.

But that’s Moser’s business, as long as it’s a good shot we’re behind you. Played. You know what? It is a good possession. Well done. Good possession.

Now go back and play defense. We’re the best defensive in the country. We’re fine, and that’s just one of those little snapshots of how that mentality has permeated the program.

If it were me, and you could buy some level of Gonzaga type in terms of decor, I would stay in Loyola. I mean, Gonzaga’s gym is amazing. Gonzaga’s locker room is an NBA locker room. Their gym, their home arena are amazing, the way they did all of these things and then added them in – you know, the travel piece is private, travel and something to make it an elite program.

The story goes on

If Loyola comes up with some of this, maybe not all of it, but some of it, if I’m Porter Moser, I’ll stay. And I think this is something that is entirely mine. It’s built my way. I don’t have to bow to the power of the Indiana program like you would. The program is exactly what I want to do with Loyola.

PETE THAMEL: Why didn’t DePaul Porter Moser just bring a dump truck full of money?

– – Good question.

– – Maybe they are. Did we hear something in their search?

– – Well, Kenny Payne.

– – Payne.

– – Kenny Payne.

– – Kenny Payne? Did he get it?

– – I dont know. I mean, he got a lot of attention.

– – The Knicks were a bit unaffordable, I heard like they didn’t – you know there were some – it wasn’t as clean as you’d think if you let an assistant go for a head coach job. I’ll add Indiana like it’s very clear right now. Who knows how you gonna end up And we’ve had this conversation before, just because you’re doing a good search doesn’t mean it’s a good result.

A bad search can have a good result, and so on, but at the moment they had no plan. As with Archie Miller’s firing, it is clear they had no plan and you may have wanted to wait almost until the end of the tournament. That way, you wouldn’t have had the obvious games in your yard if you really wanted to try and get a beard, drew, or one of those guys.

But at least the search is wavering in the direction of threshing. We don’t know if he’ll fail because they’ll hire a coach. And you still have a chance to win because it’s Indiana. But right now boy, I don’t feel good doing an Indiana search.

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