On the lookout for journey? Go to these 21 Indiana Meals Trails

There are countless things to see, do and discover in our great country, it cannot be denied. However, it’s often easy to focus on destinations hours and hours away, halfway across the country – and forget (or maybe just don’t) that there is plenty to see, do, and discover in Indiana , especially for Hoosier connoisseurs.

The Indiana Foodways Alliance has compiled a list of 21 Indiana Culinary Trails highlighting all types of food and drink in all parts of the state. I promise there is something for everyone, even the pickiest eater. In fact, the Indiana Foodways Alliance has the MOST food trails in America, according to the Wall Street Journal. That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? Anyone interested in visiting some or all of the stops along the trails are encouraged to download the Indiana Culinary Trails Passport first. I mean, you want to be rewarded for your efforts, don’t you? Visit enough places and win cute prizes.

So … are you ready to dig in? Put on some stretchy pants, fill up with gas, buckle your seat belts, and head out – Indiana’s best breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and everything in between) is waiting to be discovered. Check out the Food Trails below and start planning your trip today.

Incidentally, the Indiana Foodways Alliance is a “state-wide non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating, promoting, and maintaining the authentic food culture of Indiana.”

Take a delicious journey along these 21 Indiana Food Trails

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Indiana Foodways Alliance has the MOST food trails in America. Try the best Indiana has to offer when it comes to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between. Plan to visit some or all of these delicious stops across the state of Hoosier.

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