Ohio State agrees to contemplate transferring to Indiana

Have a question about Ohio recruiting? This is the place for you, five days a week. Submit your questions on Twitter or the Lettermen Row forums. Check in to see what Buckeyes fans across the country think. Today’s question relates to Dasan McCullough and the rumors surrounding his recruitment.

Ohio Recruiting Question of the Day

There’s no specific tweet about it, but some people have asked, what’s wrong with Dasan McCullough?

Let’s just get that out of the way because it’s going to sting a bit. There is likely some bad for the state of Ohio.

That wasn’t the case two weeks ago or even a week ago. However, in the world of college recruiting, things are changing quickly. We on Lettermen Row often discuss the battle for recruits between their heads and their hearts, and it seems like a full-scale war is being waged right here in McCullough.

The state’s No. 6 athlete, a linebacker prospect for the state of Ohio, moved his family from Kansas to , a little less than two months ago. His father Deland was the running backs coach for the Kansas Chiefs and accepted a position as associate head coach and running back coach in Indiana. Dasan McCullough did not overturn his engagement then and it was not expected either. Hell, he joked that he was looking forward to beating his father in Indiana. It happened even after the people in the recruiting world knew Daeh McCullough, Dasan’s younger brother and a talented 2023 defender, was going to get involved with Indiana.

That decision from Daeh came last week and then things started to feel a little different about Dasan. The full-fledged foray into a completely different environment came on Saturday when Deland McCullough II, Dasan’s older brother, announced that he was moving from Miami, Ohio to Indiana. Shortly thereafter, Dasan removed all signs of Ohio state affiliation from social media profiles.

Panic ensued. This is nothing more than a red herring sometimes, but in this case it feels pretty important. In this case, it seems very important.

Dasan McCullough patiently waited for an offer from Ohio State, who served as a dedicated player for months, before receiving it. When he received the offer, he made a commitment as soon as he could. There was never any indication of displeasure or confusion about his choice. He did not entertain offers from others, nor did he feel compelled to visit other . McCullough worked tirelessly with CJ Hicks for the Buckeyes to land other players.

These are not the actions of a player thinking of other schools. But the truth is that family always has a different attraction. It’s more important than a logo, even one as big and bold as the O block.

There isn’t much the Buckeyes can do about it. And so, if Dasan McCullough could decide to pull his stake out of Ohio state in the near future: family.

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