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NEW YORK (AP) – The Washington Post, New York Times and NBC have released similar corrections to stories about Rudolph Giuliani, former President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, and his business in Ukraine.

The corrections to stories released last Thursday or Friday undo reports that the former New York mayor had been warned by the FBI that he was the subject of a Russian operation to influence the American elections.

NBC’s online correction on Saturday was the largest, requiring both the headline and the beginning of a story that ran the day before to be rewritten. The network said it was reported on an FBI briefing of Giuliani by “a source familiar with the matter” but later learned from a second source that the brief had been prepared but not delivered.

The Times story last Thursday following the raid on Giuliani’s Manhattan home and office last week was more comprehensive, but included the FBI report. Saturday’s correction stated that the article had incorrectly stated whether Giuliani had received the “so-called defensive briefing”.

Last Thursday’s Post said that both Giuliani and the One America Network had learned from the FBI that they were Russian targets. In a note attached to the story on Saturday, the Post said their report on OAN was false. The newspaper said Giuliani denied claims he received the briefing, so both the OAN and Giuliani details had been removed from their story.

It wasn’t immediately clear why the correction said the Post was wrong about OAN, but that the Giuliani report was “controversial”. Kris Coratti Kelly of the Post said in a statement Monday that “it is now believed” that Giuliani had not been informed.

Giuliani said on Twitter that the Times and the Post “must reveal their sources who lied to and targeted an American citizen”.

Neither organization commented on Giuliani’s request on Monday.

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