Northeast Indiana Wheat Must be Superb After Final Week’s Frost

Pioneer Field Agronomist Lance Shepherd says northeast wheat should be fine after last week’s snow and cold temperatures.

“The timing of the frost was actually at a decent timing. It’s a good thing that it was in April and not May. A lot of the wheat crop throughout northeast is just prior to jointing. We’re really going to see that joint take place this week. So, there’s going to be very little effect to the wheat crop out there. At jointing, that wheat crop can tolerate 24 degrees for a few hours without seeing really any yield effect, ”says Shepherd. “The timing couldn’t have been better. Hopefully we don’t see another May frost like we did last year. “

For corn and beans, Shepherd says most of the seed already in the ground should be in fine shape as well, as long as the seed’s first drink of water wasn’t a cold one.

“The biggest thing now is how soon we can get corn and soybeans that were planted earlier out of the ground. This week is going to be a blessing to really push that along and get them to emerge. Really, unless soybeans were out of the ground, there’s not much concern there for frost or death. It’s more or less seedling blight that could take place. So, getting them out of the ground and getting them moving is going to be key. “

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