No proof that COVID-19 vaccines are inflicting the summer time surge in COVID-19 instances

In a video from a school council meeting that went viral, an Indiana family doctor claims the spike in COVID-19 cases this summer is caused by COVID-19 vaccines.

More precisely, Dr. Dan Stock was responsible for “antibody-mediated viral enhancement,” a phenomenon he claims the vaccines caused.

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Antibody-dependent enhancement, as it is more commonly known, is a real but rare phenomenon in which vaccinated people can have more severe symptoms if they are later infected with a virus.

What was confirmed this summer is the opposite of what Stock claims – the vast majority of people hospitalized or dying for COVID-19 have not been vaccinated.

“There is no evidence that (antibody-dependent enhancement) is responsible for this increase,” said Dr. David Relman, professor of medicine, microbiology and immunology at Stanford University.

“All of the epidemiological data on this increase from the US and the world clearly shows that this increase occurs in unvaccinated people,” he said. “Also, vaccinated people with breakthrough Delta infections have less severe illness than non-vaccinated people with Delta infections.”

What did Stock say?

Stock spoke at the Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation board of directors on Aug. 6 in Fortville, about 20 miles northeast of Indianapolis. He described himself as a “functional family doctor”, which means that he was “specially trained in immunology and inflammation regulation”.

First, he said that recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Indiana Board of Health “are actually against all rules of science.” Stock then made his claim about “the condition known as antibody-mediated viral enhancement. That is a condition that arises when vaccines work incorrectly.”

A vaccine that is “misused” for a respiratory virus, Stock continues, “causes the immune system to actually fight the virus incorrectly and makes the virus worse than it is when a native infection breaks out now.”

Stock, who sells nutritional supplements on its website, didn’t respond to a voicemail message. His voicemail greeting said research information he gave to the school board was on a blog for the Hancock County Indiana Patriots, a group that says they stand up for “freedom and other conservative issues like life, guns, medical Freedom, etc. ”begins.

The page lists 21 documents, but none of them address its claims about antibody-dependent enhancement and the surge in COVID-19.

COVID-19 hits the unvaccinated

Melissa Brown, a professor of microbiology / immunology at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, said that people who are vaccinated “generally have a mild illness when they get sick would expect those vaccinated to be sicker.”

The reason for the new outbreaks is that the delta variant is much more contagious, “so it spreads like wildfire in unvaccinated people – not vaccinated people.”

Some statistics to consider:

  • More than 164 million people in the United States were fully vaccinated, and according to the latest figures from the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were 7,525 breakthrough cases in which the person was hospitalized or died, reports from 49 states and territories. That’s less than a hundredth of 1%.

  • According to the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation, hospital admissions rates for fully vaccinated individuals ranged from 0% to 0.06% effective, among 25 states reporting breakthrough data; and death rates ranged from 0% to 0.01% effective.

  • Seven states, including some with the lowest rates of fully vaccinated people, accounted for about half of the new cases and hospital admissions in the previous week, the White House said at a briefing on Aug. 5. This includes Florida (49.7% fully vaccinated). , Texas (44.6%), Missouri (42.3%), Arkansas (37.7%), Louisiana (37.7%), Alabama (35%) and Mississippi (35.2%). According to the Mayo Clinic, 50.5% of the US population is fully vaccinated as of August 10th.

Dr. Matthew Laurens, a professor of pediatrics at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and a faculty member at the Center for Vaccine Development and Global Health, said people who are vaccinated are “much less likely to develop an aggravated disease that would cause them to fall ins Hospitalized, admitted to intensive care, or dying.

“We also have evidence that the Delta variant is more likely to spread to communities with low vaccination rates, which provides additional evidence that vaccines do not actually help the virus spread, but actually slow it down.”

Our verdict

A doctor on a viral video says the surge in COVID-19 cases is caused by “antibody-mediated viral reinforcement” from the COVID-19 vaccines.

There is no evidence that the rare phenomenon known as antibody-dependent enhancement is causing an increase. In fact, the evidence shows the opposite: the vast majority of COVID-19 cases occur in people who are not vaccinated.

The post is wrong and ridiculous. We rate it Pants on Fire!

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