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(CNN) – Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak signed sweeping law on Friday postponing the party presidential contest to the first Tuesday in February 2024, changing it from a caucus to a primary.

“I am deeply grateful to lawmakers, community officials, and supporters who have helped keep Nevada moving forward and prioritizing our access to the vote,” tweeted Sisolak, a Democrat.

Assembly Bill 126 puts Nevada’s new primaries near the traditional dates for the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries, traditionally a third leg in presidential policy that has created complications in past elections.

The Democrats in Nevada were initially even more aggressive. The first draft of the bill would have set the presidential primary date to mid-January, but an amendment has postponed that date by two weeks.

For now, the Democratic National Committee is officially holding on to the fight.

“We will let the process continue like every four years and look forward to the insights and recommendations of all interested parties on the 2020 reforms and the 2024 calendar in due course in the process,” said Chairman Jaime Harrison in one of the party on Friday published written statement.

But the momentum to change the 2024 calendar has increased, both due to the chaos surrounding the 2020 caucuses in Iowa and the growing belief among some Democrats that two states with predominantly white populations shouldn’t be the first to join the Democratic Vote presidential code.

And both Iowa and New Hampshire are sure to resist any planned Nevada move.

“I remain confident that New Hampshire will keep our first place in the nation’s presidential primary,” New Hampshire Democratic Party leader Ray Buckley told CNN on Friday.

“Iowa going first doesn’t interfere with other states’ ability to hold primaries, it adds an important voice to the conversation. I believe that Iowa Democratic candidates have a real chance to connect with a diverse electorate, including black voters and rural working class Americans, “Iowa Democratic Party leader Ross Wilburn said in a statement opposite CNN. “The Iowa Democrats and Republicans disagree, but we agree that Iowa comes first in the nation. I had talks with GOP Chairman Jeff Kaufmann in Iowa and will keep in touch with him in the future. “

In addition to changing the type and date of the competition, the new law requires each county to have an early vote 10 days before the presidential primaries. It’s part of a series of electoral reform laws that Sisolak signed on Friday, including measures that expand the number of ways residents can register to vote and distribute postal ballot papers to voters without them having to apply.

The move from a caucus to a primary is met with strong resistance from Republicans. A joint statement from the GOP leaders of Nevada, Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina said: “As GOP leaders of the four dropout states, we want to make it clear that we stand together to protect the current presidential nomination plan for many years to come . Our alliance is strong and we will continue to work together to preserve this historic process. “

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