Neese decides to go to Sycamores | return to Indiana State Sports activities

Of all the players who put their names on the transfer portal when former coach Greg Lansing was not retained in March? Cooper Neese was the one Sycamore who seemed like a legitimate 50:50 statement about whether or not he would be back.

On the one hand, Neese Lansing was just as loyal to Lansing as any other player. On the other hand? Neese is from the region and the new coach Josh Schertz’s system is tailored to his abilities.

On Tuesday, the decision that Neese had made was in favor of staying. Neese posted on his social media accounts on Tuesday that he was returning to the men’s and moved away from the NCAA transfer portal.

Neese is the most seasoned ISU player coming back for the 2021-22 period – until Tyreke Key’s decision to possibly return comes back. Neese averaged 9.5 points for the Sycamores last season.

“I think this decision is the right one, especially at this moment in my career. It really came down to coach Schertz. He’s honest, sincere and has kept it real with me. He gave me a chance that most athletes don’t get . ” in the portal, “said Neese on Tuesday evening.

Neese’s return wasn’t set in stone. There were a few moments in the course of his decision-making process when the needle moved more to leave than to stay. In fact, the ISU removed the Cloverdale native from the roster while he was still on the portal.

Schertz stated that Neese’s game was never questioned. He just wanted commitment.

“Cooper and I met when I first came to campus in March. I knew he was a perfect fit systematically. As I told every player, the two boxes they had to check were Principles The second box with Cooper was always checked. It was about the first box, “said Schertz.

“It’s something he had to make a decision about. I want the players to come to their own conclusions. I want it to be organic to be a part of. When Cooper and I sat down? This is where he wanted to be. ” and I have communicated how we will work in the future, “added Schertz.

Neese knows that Schertz’s system suits him really well. At the LMU, the rail splitters led by Schertz often distributed four players on the bow and either worked on the cutting and driving action or made the open 3-point shot. Neese can shoot the three – he made 39.1% in 2021 – but Neese also has the ability to get on the trail, and that makes him valuable in Schertz’s system.

“I’ve done my research from day one. I’ve looked at his games. The style of play that he has to offer not only suits my style, but also one in five on the floor. It was never a question for I knew I would enjoy being a part of it from day one, “said Neese.

Neese said that he and he will have to live alone with the decision to stay or leave, even though he will always have good feelings for Lansing, and that doing so had to override any feelings that may have led him to do so, for the sake of Loyalty to get off.

“You have to live with the decisions you make personally. This is a decision that I know is right for me,” Neese said. “Away with coach Lansing? It’s extremely tough. He was a great coach, but it all comes back to my scenario and what is right for the program and what is right for me. Coach Schertz said it best. He said I was right for that. ” Program and it’s right for me so let’s work together and make it click. “

Schertz said that if Neese had left the program, one of his priorities would have been to find a Division I broadcast on the portal to take his place. Now he doesn’t have to.

“Cooper checked all the boxes we were looking for on the portal. Now we can stay in the to get it. Our goal has always been to bring the guys back and build parts around them. Cooper was already a good player. However, we emphasize a good marriage and a good overlap in order to thrive in the system, “Schertz said.

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