Nearly 80 ° Tuesday! – WISH-TV | Indianapolis Information | Indiana climate

(WISH) – A mild start to Tuesday morning with temperatures in the mid-50s and mostly clear skies. It should warm up quickly on Tuesday afternoon, with highs towards the lower 80s with a mixture of sun and clouds. We could be approaching the record of 83 °!

Tuesday night will be another milder one with lows in the mid-50s.

The change comes on Wednesday in the form of isolated storms in the afternoon. The highs are still pretty warm with most spots in the mid to upper 70s! Showers and storms will continue around Thursday, with highs sliding into the upper 60s. Just in time for Friday the showers leave the with highs in the upper 60s up to almost 70 °.

This weekend seems to be split as Sunday is the better of the two days. On Saturday there will be some spotty showers with highs in the upper 60s. Dry and still warm with altitudes close to 70 °. The next week seems to start off calmly and dryly, with highs on Monday in the mid 60s and Tuesday in the lower 60s!

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