Methodist Well being in Henderson Joins Deaconess

An agreement has been reached and Methodist will be part of the Deaconess Health System this summer.

Methodist Health in Henderson, KY, has been negotiating to join the Deaconess Health System for months. According to The Gleaner, “Henderson and Union Counties Methodist Health Hospitals, as well as outpatient departments and facilities, will officially join the Deaconess Health System on July 1.”

Linda White, CEO, stated, “This is a historic day for Methodist Health, Deaconess, and the Henderson, Union and Webster counties. A new direction and management for Methodist Health is required for the future of health care in the communities in which we serve, and deaconess is the best choice for providing focus and quality care. “one focus and local. Fortunately with deaconesses that won’t change.

Tuesday’s press release stated: “In the coming months, Deaconess leadership and clinical staff will work with Methodist Health staff and build on improvements made in the past few months. Deaconess patient care protocols will be implemented, and Methodist Health staff will do so. ” Optimize the use of Epic, the company’s shared electronic health record, resulting in improvements in quality, costs and billing. “

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