MATAS | The reward from the Southern Indiana household is for IU | to the “recreation changer” sport

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WDRB) – If the old course was unforgettable, this new one is just the opposite.

“My reaction is, wow,” said men’s golf coach Mike Mayer.

It is remarkable in its beauty and the challenges it can offer.

“I cannot imagine that a golf course can be more difficult to set up,” said Mayer.

Fuzzy Zoeller and renowned architect Steve Smyers designed a course that doesn’t look and feel like its predecessor. IU’s old course was built in the 1950s and stood in the same location as the new course.

“It’s hard to remember where the holes were on the old course,” said Mayer.

The course is a milestone for golf, for both men and women. This was made possible by the South Indian family after whom the course is named.

“Timing is everything, and his donation came at the right time,” said Mayer.

Clark County businessman Ned Pfau and his family gave a great gift that turned into the brand new course. WDRB Sports has not yet been able to reach him for comment on today’s Pfau course, but it’s safe to say that he made Mayer happy.

“I’m obviously thrilled,” said Mayer. “It’s a little surreal to get out of here and see this.”

Pfau is a graduate of the and a long-term supporter of the school.

“I think this has been his vision for a few years,” said Mayer. “He saw the opportunity, saw the timing was right, and obviously his donation was very much appreciated.” And what we got from his donation was this spectacular, great facility. “

The project totaled $ 12 million and took about two and a half years. The par 71 course can be played from 4,586 to 7,908 yards. There are more than 140 bunkers on the route, and the heather and fescue grass add to the challenge.

The peacock course provides IU with a better place for recruiting, preparation and player development and would allow the school to host tournaments at the highest level.

“It’s everything you could ever want,” said Mayer.

The Pfau-Platz will be officially opened on June 15th.

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