Lacking man present in Washington State | positioned information

ANDERSON – A Tennessee man who was reported missing in Anderson on June 12 was in Washington state.

Joe Glenn Knight Jr., 27, was home with his family in Tennessee on Sunday.

He said he didn’t realize his family had reported him missing until he contacted them on June 16. Knight said he hitchhiked around the countryside and somehow ended up in Washington.

At around 8 p.m. on June 6, Anderson found Knight on the Madison Avenue bridge over Interstate 69.

Knight said he was in Anderson helping a friend move to the area but was stranded here. He said he walked out of Anderson and stopped on the bridge over I-69 because he was hot and tired.

He said reports that he was suicidal at the time were not accurate. Anderson Police Department officials took Knight to Ascension St. Vincent Anderson Hospital, but he was released hours later.

Anderson were told that Knight had been found in another and removed from the Missing Persons Bulletin.

Sue Knight, Joe Knight’s cousin, said several family members traveled to Anderson from Livingston, Tennessee to look for him, and they appreciate everyone who helped them during their time in Indiana.

“I really appreciate everything everyone has done – people who don’t know me at all,” Joe Knight said on the phone on Monday. “I really appreciate the people who do everything they have done for me and my family to help them as they did.”

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