Kaiden Turner is trying ahead to her go to to Indiana

Kaiden Turner has been involved with the Hoosiers since early March, but if he travels to Bloomington later this month it will be his first time on campus. The 6-foot-2,218-pound linebacker from Fayetteville HS in Fayetteville, Arkansas recently spoke to Peegs.com about how excited he is to visit Indiana and why he thinks the 2022 recruitment course for the IU- Program will be so special.

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Turner said he communicates with the head coach on a regular basis Tom Allen and defense coordinator Charlton Warren.

“I spoke to Coach Allen and Coach Warren,” he said. “I really enjoy talking to both of them. Myself and Coach Allen mostly talk about our beliefs most of the time when we talk on the phone. I sometimes call him after I’ve had a small group (Bible study) and tell him what it was about. We also talk a little bit about LEO and he tells me a little more about it every time. It was really cool to talk to them. “

The three-star recruit has always built relationships with fellow Indiana members Dasan McCullough. Turner believes McCullough’s inclusion in the IU class will make it even more appealing to other prospects the Hoosiers are looking for.

“I think it was huge for us to pick up Dasan (McCullough),” said Turner. “I think this will attract a lot of other recruits. With the visits starting this month, I think this recruiting course can be very big for us. “

Turner can’t wait to get to Indiana and be in the same linebacker group as McCullough. He said his plan is for both of them to have an impact on IU defense immediately.

“It’s going to be great,” he said of McCullough’s game. “Hopefully in my first year I can be in the field and out there with Dasan. That would be great for me. “

Turner has taken on the role of recruiter for the Hoosiers, and he said his message to other potential 2022 candidates is that there is no better coach in the country than Tom Allen.

“I tell you Coach Allen is the most real thing in the game,” said Turner. “He’s not going to lie to you, he’s going to shoot you right away. If you want to hear the truth, see Coach Allen. He’s so down to earth and he’s the type of man I want to play for and his staff are the same. “

Arkansas linebacker Kaiden Turner was the first commit for the Hoosiers in the 2022 class. (Photo: Danny West, 247Sports)

The talented prospect said Allen showed him what a coach and man he was when he had to find a replacement with the defensive coordinator and linebackers coach for Kane Wommack.

“I remember whenever Coach Wommack left, I’d talk to Coach Allen about getting a new defensive coordinator and linebacker coach and my concerns about whether we’d mesh,” said Turner. “He told me to just trust him. He said that everyone he hires will be consistent, and that every attitude he ever makes about the program will be consistent. And he didn’t lie, because Coach Warren is just as down-to-earth as Coach Wommack. I really respect Coach Allen for being so honest with me. “

Turner will be at the IU for his official visit to the Hoosiers on June 25th, and he said he is very pleased.

“I’ve done virtual tours, but this will be my first visit,” he said. “I’m happy to get a feel for the city. I remember Coach Wommack telling me that Bloomington was similar to Fayetteville a few years ago when it was a little smaller. That really impressed me and I can’t wait to see everything there. “

The athletic linebacker and his teammates from Fayetteville have just finished spring training and he felt he had made the improvements he wanted.

“We just finished spring football,” said Turner. “The biggest thing I worked on was my pad level. Sometimes I found myself playing up my pads a bit and leaving my chest to an offensive lineman, but my pad level was much better this spring. “

Turner’s main goal as a senior this fall is to win a state championship, but after that he has a few individual goals that he would like to achieve.

“100 tackles and 1000 rushing yards,” he said of his personal goals. “That’s pretty much it. Those are my goals.”

In the 2022 247Sports Composite Rankings, Turner is the 15th best player in Arkansas and the nation’s 103rd best linebacker. As a junior last fall, he recorded 70 tackles, 12 tackles for loss, seven QB hurries, 5.5 sacks, three interceptions, three fumble recoveries, one pass break-up and one forced fumble.

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