Jalen Hooks, one of many high native prospects in 2023, is planning a go to to Indiana

continues to meet with great interest on the recruiting front for Prospectus 2022 and 2023, which has led to another scheduled visit in June.

The class of the 2023 wing Jalen Hooks is planning a trip to in late June, he told TheHoosier.com. The trip is planned for June 22nd. On June 21, he added Cincinnati and on June 28, Pitt added two more.

The Crispus Attucks (IN) 6-foot-7 forward has already visited Marquette, Illinois, Missouri and Butler this summer.

Hooks detailed what his goals for these summer visits are.

“Some of the visits that most teams practice are going to practice so I can see how they go and I want to see all of campus and meet people just to make sure I and my family are fine,” said Hooks TheHoosier.

Hooks is one of the top in- players in the 2023 class. He’s been in contact with the under previous staff. Coach Mike Roberts and Brian Walsh were his two main points of contact.

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As for the new coaching staff, Hooks has a good impression of coach Mike Woodson, although he has not yet had a chance to speak to him.

“It’s a great thing and I’m glad he’s the guy who was ready to take a step down and get into college basketball, not to mention he’s coming to Indiana,” Hooks said. “I think he will do a good job with the future program and it is definitely something I can get into the more I develop.”

Hooks has been to Indiana’s campus before, but not as a recruit. This time it will be different.

“I always had a family that went there (Indiana), so I got a little campus experience and went to Assembly Hall,” Hooks previously told TheHoosier. “I think it’s a really nice place.”

Hooks averaged 11.1 points, 8.4 rebounds, 3.3 assistants and 1.7 steals per game last year for his sophomore year. Its versatility is the attraction of this phase. His size, his ability to create for his teammates and the ability to finish on the rim stand out.

“There was a big jump in my jump shot and grip, but I also added the little things like watching movies,” Hooks said of his development over the past year. “I think everything has evolved and a lot of it just came out of being comfortable with myself and my body.”

As his recruiting continues, Kentucky, Memphis, and Missouri are just a few of the other programs that are beginning the outreach.

He currently holds offers from LSU, Illinois, Xavier, Georgia, Tulane, Butler, Marquette, and DePaul.

Hooks is currently the No. 73 candidate in the Class of 2023.

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