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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A man was charged after allegedly shooting his girlfriend outside a Days Inn in .

Jacob McPheeters is charged with a second degree murder, first degree assault, attack with a dangerous weapon, and possession of a firearm.

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According to the criminal complaint, Bloomington police responded to a 3:15 am shooting outside the Days Inn hotel on Normandale Boulevard on July 24th.

The officers met with a hotel employee who said he was outside the hotel when he heard a shot from the north end of the parking lot. He said he saw several people gathering around a motor home. Some people allegedly yelled and appeared to have been shot because the witness said they were leaning on another person.

Officers then learned that a woman had been rushed to the emergency room at Fairview Southdale Hospital with a gunshot wound. They saw two very large holes in her torso that looked like an entry wound and an exit wound.

The victim said she was shot dead by her boyfriend, 28-year-old Jacob McPheeters. They had quarreled outside the Days Inn where he allegedly shot them. The woman was taken to the intensive care unit at Hennepin County Medical Center.

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The officers then spoke to two witnesses: a friend and a friend who lived in the motor home. They were friends with McPheeters and his girlfriend. That night, they said the two had come to their RV in the middle of an argument. McPheeters said he would go to jail and not trust his girlfriend. McPheeters had drug charges pending in Wisconsin.

According to the witnesses, McPheeters went to the RV with a semi-automatic pistol. He started grabbing his girlfriend and tried to pull her out of the RV. At some point he put the gun in his pocket and began to choke it. One of the witnesses took the opportunity to take the gun from him and put it in her car.

McPheeters then went to his car and came back with a revolver. His girlfriend was standing in front of the mobile home with the witnesses. The witnesses said he shot her at close range. He left in his car with his girlfriend and witnesses believe he fled to Wisconsin. They also thought McPheeters had pipe bombs in his car.

According to records, investigators used McPheeters’ phone to find him later that morning. After his arrest, officers found a semi-automatic pistol and a 44-caliber revolver pistol in the car. They also found three pipe bombs in the car.

McPheeters had several previous criminal convictions, including a third-degree controlled substance offense as of February 2019.

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If convicted, McPheeters could face a prison sentence of up to 65 years.

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