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By: Cassidy Martenson

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On Thursday, South Bend partnered with HealthLinc to vaccinate students, staff and the wider community at the Student Activities Center. People were able to get their first dose of the Moderna and are invited to return on May 20 for the second dose.

Upon arrival, patients could check in or sign up to receive the vaccine. Patients received the vaccine from a member of staff at HealthLinc or the IU South Bend Health and Wellness Center. IU South Bend nursing students also administered vaccinations and gained hands-on experience. After the dose, patients were instructed to wait a recommended 20 minutes before leaving.

“The vaccine protects their own health and the health of those who love and are around them,” said Kari Frame, director of clinical operations at the health and wellness center.

They vaccinated a total of 75 people at the on Thursday. While that number isn’t as high as they’d hoped, this is an additional 75 people who are one step closer to protecting themselves from -19.

“We ask members of the campus community to do three things:

  1. Schedule your vaccine. All Titans 16 and older can be vaccinated in , even if you do not live in Indiana. Visit ourshot.in.gov to schedule your appointment.
  2. Get all the doses needed for complete protection.
  3. Let IU know after you get each dose with the COVID-19 vaccination report, ”says Elizabeth Paice, chief of staff at IU South Bend.

This is IU South Bend’s chance of normalcy for the fall semester of 2021. Frame says she isn’t sure if the vaccine will be a requirement for college students, but this could be an important thing for college members to consider.

“Those who are fully vaccinated and have received all doses of the vaccine at least two weeks prior and have reported vaccines to the IU will no longer be selected for harm control testing or must be quarantined if identified as close contact,” said the boss of staff at IU South Bend, Elizabeth Paice, said.

You are still required to report yourself that you are in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 and any COVID-19 symptoms you experience using the IU’s symptom monitor, COVIDcheck, report yourself.

Those who were unable to visit the clinic can still get the COVID-19 vaccine elsewhere. Call 211 to connect to the Indiana Vaccine Call Center. You can make an appointment by visiting vaccine..in.gov.

Members of the IU South Bend community are encouraged to attend the Ask Aaron webinars to answer questions about the vaccine. Paice also encourages students to see the PSAs, which Dwyer College of Health Sciences has run in partnership with community organizations, at https://www.iusb.edu//?p=9309 to see why vaccinations are important.

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