IU returns to advance in NCAA Males’s Soccer Match Sports activities

With second striker Victor Bezerra bottled for most of Thursday afternoon, the Hoosiers needed other goalscorers to advance in their NCAA tournament game against Marquette.

Sophomore strikers Maouloune Goumballe and Herbert Endeley scored goals in the second half when IU beat Marquette 2-1 at Sweet 16 in Cary, North Carolina.

In a chippy match that resulted in 11 yellow cards being dealt, the Hoosiers stayed calm as they faced a 1-0 half-time deficit to advance to the Elite Eight. IU will face the winner between Virginia Tech and Seton Hall on Monday at 5 p.m.

“We still had a little in the tank in the first half, and maybe that was the snack,” said IU coach Todd Yeagley. “We had to empty it and we did it. We emptied it. Luckily we did a couple of key games. “

It wasn’t a promising start for the Hoosiers. Both teams played mostly goalless in the first half, but when IU striker AJ Palazollo received no call on an obvious trip, Marquette pounced on the counterattack. AJ Franklin shot an 18-yard hit past IU goalkeeper Roman Celentano in the upper right corner to make it 43:19 of the first half, giving Marquette a 1-0 lead at half time.

“It was a difficult task to give up towards the end of half and it was obviously a nice goal,” said Yeagley.

But IU kept the pressure on Marquette for most of the second half, beating the Golden Eagles 8-4 in the final 45 minutes. The equalizer came at 70:47 when Endeley ended an assist from Bezerra to make it 1-0.

“It wasn’t Vic’s best day,” said Yeagley. “He’s done some really good things. It was a quieter performance and they obviously joined it. But he made that particular passport, and Herb, we worked so hard on this functional finish. “

Then, at 79:31, Goumballe was able to score a cross in front of the net from close range and put IU 2-1 ahead.

“It was nice to see a few other players get on the scoreboard,” said Yeagley.

From there, the defense of the IU stiffened. There was an anxious moment, with about five minutes remaining, when Marquette’s Manuel Cukaj managed to clear a header in the net from close range. But Celentano was there for his third and final parade.

“Overall, I think we took the lead when we got it,” said Yeagley. “Just very proud of the team. That was just a really brave win. “

Yeagley said Marquette’s physical play, which resulted in high yellow card counts, was somewhat surprising as the golden eagles didn’t have a reputation for being the physical of a team. IU received six yellow cards compared to five for Marquette.

“There were some tactical fouls that we had,” said Yeagley. “Some of these can be smart at times, but a couple where – a couple, maybe we could have used better judgment. The game got chippy and I thought the officer managed it really well. He got it under control early on and the game wasn’t getting out of hand. There’s just a lot at stake and both teams have fought a lot. “

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