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Illinois-based point guard Jeremy Fears Jr. has been on radar for over a year, and the long-term familiarity goes both ways.

Fears Jr. is intrigued by the program and plans to visit on June 9 with three layovers over the first nine days of the month as personal recruiting finally reopens.

“We like Indiana in general, just the brand, name, and program,” Fears, Jr.’s father, Jeremy Fears, Sr. told The Hoosier. “The Big Ten, it’s near home, the atmosphere is electrifying, especially when they have a ton of success, just the story behind it, the tradition and everything. To be honest, we liked Indiana from the start, even before they even started recruiting us. “

Fears Jr. had conversations with Archie Miller prior to the IU coaching change, and the family has reached out to IU assistant coach Dane Fife since his arrival along with support staff who have remained constant throughout. Relationships are important to Fears, Sr., and he was impressed with Indiana’s approach.

“The communication we had was great and the way they believe in my son,” said Fears, Sr. “We just looked at Indiana as a possible option in general, and when Coach Woodson got there it was even cuter . “

Both Fears Jr. and Sr. have spoken to Mike Woodson since he became the new head coach in late March.

“Jeremy has probably spoken to Coach Woodson twice and I’ve spoken to him three times. It was a great conversation, he even knows about my son (Jeremiah) right after Jeremy, ”said Fears, Sr.” I love what he’s about and what he wants to do and what direction he wants to go. In the back of my mind I think that Indiana could be a cute option. “

Fears Jr. would be a sweet recruitment win for Woodson if he could land it. The 2023 class ranking isn’t well developed up to this point, but 247 has ranked Fears Jr. as the 23rd overall player in the class and the 7th point guard. Currently, Indiana does not have a point guard depth on the 2023-24 list, which means the position in the 2023 class will be important.

Fears Jr. originally wanted to be involved through his junior year of high school, which is by the end of this summer. But changes in the college landscape have influenced his thinking. In essence, attractive roster projections like Indiana’s 2023 point guard situation are no longer as easy to predict.

“Now that the transfer portal and all rule changes are in, I don’t know if this (an early commitment) will necessarily be the case at the moment. The rosters are likely to change like crazy every year, ”said Fears, Sr.

Fears Jr. visits Illinois June 1 and Auburn June 4, and a trip to Gonzaga is also in the works. His 247Sports profile page states he has 16 offers, so these visits seem to indicate that a large group of applicants, including other high majors such as Iowa, Maryland, the of Iowa, the state of Kansas, Creighton, Missouri, Nebraska and Ole Miss.

The visits, just ending his first basketball season when the pandemic ended it all, marks the first time Fears Jr. has had the chance to see much in person or meet the coaching staff who live recruit him. What is he hoping for from these early visits?

“Only the visual,” fears Sr .. “My son has never really been to a campus. He’s never had a chance to go to facilities or anything. He has no idea what something looks like, or how it should be, or what the intensity feels like. We just want to get a feel for the trainers, a feel for the environment, the campus and the overall situation. This early relationship is very important to us. “

With awareness from every side, it goes a long way back and the world is finally opening up again. The Indiana visit seems like something long overdue. And everyone involved is looking forward to June 9th.

“Everyone on both ends is excited (the Fears family and IU) to meet and build the relationship,” said Fears, Sr.

You can find more background information on fears in our “Names to Know” profile from April.

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