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The biggest question hanging over the State still has no obvious answer. The question is, who starts at the quarterback?

Given that ISU didn’t play a year ago, they had a lot more time than usual to sort out the pros and cons of the three starting candidates – Kurtis Wilderman, Gunnar Lake and Northern Illinois Transfer Anthony Thompson.

During practice on Friday, there was no clear answer as to who the starter could be. ISU coach Curt Mallory noted that the decision will have to be made soon so that the can spend the rest of camp preparing their offensive without the question hanging over their heads.

“We’ll have to see what we’re doing about repeat offenders as we get closer. We have some decisions to make on Monday. It’s fair to the and fair to the individuals where we’re quarterback, ”Mallory said.

If you are looking for clues by observing recent ISU practices, there is nothing that is obvious. During a five-minute session, See could be in charge of the starters on offense, and Thompson could get at most one or two reps. However, for the next five-minute session, Thompson could pilot the ISU starters and see possibly just a few reps. The responsibility for the start group is really a shared duty.

The quarterbacks themselves do not offer any clues either. The difference in their capabilities is subtle. Thompson is most likely to run if the bag collapses. Wilderman has the most experience – 12 games with three starts since 2018 – but isn’t that skilled to gain a huge advantage. See – who started two games in 2019 before he was injured – averaged more yards per game than Wilderman in 2019 (145 for See, 130 for Wilderman), but it was a small sample size.

Arm by arm? There’s no clear difference apart from the notable fact that Thompson is a southpaw, and the same goes for consistency. None of them have made any apparent progress than the others, but neither is obviously poorer.

So how does Mallory begin to sort this out? How do the players try to differentiate themselves from their fellow players?

“Right now it’s a good competition between the three of them. One day it’s a guy but I’m waiting for one of them to take the lead. We are looking for a man who can operate and manage a game and extend games with his feet. All three have shown that. They can all walk. We want that in our system where we can lead the quarterback, ”said Mallory.

Mallory offered more insight into this.

“How do you react to a mistake? Will you jump back I’ve seen this where they hang out other than * this * play. Those are things we looked at, ”said Mallory.

And the quarterbacks themselves? You’re just trying to be consistent.

“It just depends on the position. You don’t change what you do, it’s about character and what you do when no one is watching. Studying film, putting what they say into practice in the field. If you do that, the coaches will notice and things will work, ”Thompson said.

“I’m just trying to do my job, whatever the game is. This is my fifth year so I know a thing or two about the offense and how it’s going. I take the young people where they need to be and try to find the right directions. … It all depends on the individual games and their results.

See was not available for comment. He injured his throwing hand late in training on Friday and was looked after by the athletic trainer.

The practical stake of each game is increased based on the competition. Very often a quarterback can stand out when something goes wrong. If the ISU’s external rushers hit their tackles, the quarterback’s improvisational skills could help them stand out.

“Kurtis has a lot of experience and that helped him and he played incredibly well. Anthony and Gunnar are getting better every day too. All three compete hard, ”said Mallory. “Anthony and Kurtis have extensive games with their feet. You will have glitches, but they have extended games. “

There is another factor in the game – the multitool talent Michael Hauptert. In 2019, he and current Green Bay packer Dominique Dafney teamed up in a Wildcat formation that both could run. Hauptert stormed 335 yards out of the “Wildcats” lineup, and even though he only tried three passes? The threat is there for him to throw more. ISU showed the Wildcat formation again during camp.

“It’s a very valuable part. He can be back as a kick or punt returner. He could be a running back, a wide receiver, or a quarterback. He can do a lot for us. He can run, but what makes him creepy is that he can throw, ”Mallory said.

ISU has three freshman quarterbacks on its roster – Ethan Cain, Cade Chambers and Kai Ilela. They’ll bide their time while the ISU determines who is above them on the depth map.

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