ISU and DLC Media agree on a three-year contract | Indiana State Sports activities

The Indiana state sports department has been trying for many years to find the right local broadcast partner and local radio. It seems that the stars have finally aligned for the Sycamores.

On Thursday, the ISU announced that it had signed a three-year contract with DLC Media to broadcast football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball and baseball games on local radio stations.

The partnership is the most significant and comprehensive agreement on local media rights that the ISU has concluded with a partner for at least a decade. Games in the above sports will be broadcast on WZJK, 105.5-FM on the watch face and branded as Jack FM by DLC Media.

“It’s really big for us. There is a contingency of people here in Terre Haute who listen to the radio a lot. This certainly gives them the opportunity to hear our sport on the radio and that excites me,” said Clinkscales. “Dave is great and I like his enthusiasm and exuberance about ISU sports,” said Sherard Clinkscales, ISU Director of Athletics.

Clinkscales said the three-year contract the ISU was required to sign included a cash investment. Clinkscales declined to provide specific numbers, but said it was “worth it” to put money into the deal and it “will bring us lots of dividends over the next three years.”

According to Clinkscales and DLC Media President and General Manager Dave Crooks, the deal came about because ISU wanted a stronger local media deal than it did under previous rights holder Midwest Communications.

“I got a call from Luke Martin [ISU digital media coordinator, who has a background in radio] I wanted to know if I would be interested in competing for the sports contract with the ISU, “Crooks told the Tribune star.

“After asking a few questions, I realized they weren’t that happy with their current partner. When we found out they were looking for a more aggressive partner and a better signal for their games, we found some similarities and we agreed with the plan to.”

Clinkscales admitted not being an expert on broadcasting rights but said he knew a lot when he saw one.

“Luke [Martin] had said there was a possibility. The conversation started with Luke and Dave. You brought it to me. We compared it to what we had before and what we would have now. The pure marketing of our sports and the enthusiasm for bringing Sycamore athletics to the market was outstanding. It was a breeze for us. It made a lot of sense, “said Clinkscales.

In addition to the games, coach shows will air on 105.5-FM as well as a new weekday feature called Sycamore Sports Today, a 90-second commercial produced by Martin for DLC Media. Crooks also said pre- and post-game coverage would be more extensive.

“You will see that we become a lot more aggressive with the partnership. I can see a lot more advertisements trying to get fans in the stands, giving away tickets and the like. It’s a win-win for both ISU as well as for our radio. ” Company, “said Crooks.

The advantages of more games on the radio are obvious from the ISU’s point of view, but what did DLC Media like about the deal?

“I think it increases our presence in Terre Haute. I firmly believe in sports on radio and Terre Haute has been a bit weak when it comes to sports on radio. The 10 radio stations that are here are musically based on their formats than sports. My company was different in that it gave people the ability to have games on the radio, “said Crooks.

“When you think of the ISU as a whole, it’s Division I with more than 12,000 students and it’s kind of the pulse of the heart of Terre Haute to have a signal and broader coverage – I think our partnership will bring my broadcaster and my sister broadcasters more Gives visibility. We’re excited about it, “added Crooks.

DLC Media will control 80% of the commercial inventory, but ISU’s own internal marketing contracts will be handled in the broadcasts. DLC Media will also be postponing its Indiana University broadcasts to meet its ISU deal. The Hoosiers airs on WFNB, 92.5-FM, under the brand name The Rock by DLC Media.

Crooks said he already has some partnership agreements with local businesses and is aiming for more. Nor would he rule out the possibility of setting up a network of interested broadcasters and extending ISU’s broadcasts to the Vincennes market.

“I hope that local companies that want to work with us and ISU will inform us about this before the first soccer game. Hopefully this will be a long term partnership.

A tempting part of the deal for ISU is to give women’s basketball and baseball a uniform spot on the radio dial for fans to hear the games.

“[ISU baseball coach] Mitch Hannahs has done an excellent job and is the role model for consistency and there is a significant following for women’s basketball as well. This is strong for those who support both men’s and women’s basketball, “Clinkscales said.

Football and men’s basketball have been broadcast on the WIBQ family since 2012 by local stations owned by Midwest Communications of Wisconsin. Women’s basketball and baseball also aired on various Midwest Communications stations, though not at every game.

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