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(Inside Business) – A nonprofit advocating housing improvement and economic development in Indianapolis was named a founding member of NeighborWorks America and provides affiliates with access to funding, expertise, and other housing associations in the United States

ReNew Indianapolis has received an unrestricted federal grant of $ 85,000 that can be used for its community-based revitalization efforts.

There are more than 250 founding members in the United States working to develop and maintain affordable housing.

Steve Meyer, chief executive officer of Renew Indianapolis, says access to the NeighborWorks network provides a wealth of support for community development.

“It’s financial, of course, but also skills, training and a support network from across the country of people developing best practices and promoting community development across the country,” Meyer said. “So it really is a huge support network for those of us working on huge community development.”

According to Meyer, Renew plans to work closely with its partner organizations across the to support broader efforts for comprehensive community development in Indianapolis.

“To achieve a truly equitable and inclusive Indianapolis, we must all work together to make home ownership affordable and available to everyone in our city,” said Meyer.

According to NeighborWorks, Renew Indianapolis went through a nearly year-long review process to make sure the local chapter was up to its standards. It is the first organization in central Indiana to receive membership.

In February, the Martindale-Brightwood neighborhood was named the Lift Indy area for 2021, a community development investment program designed to aid revitalization in the Indianapolis neighborhoods. Renew Indianapolis says the project will benefit from the NeighborWorks partnership.

“Community challenges can best be solved at the community level. And that’s really the strength of the NeighborWorks model. We look forward to providing technical support and training for resources, ”said Marietta Rodriguez, President & CEO of NeighborWorks America.

There are three other NeighborWorks subsidiaries in Indiana including the South Bend Heritage Foundation, LaCasa Inc. of Goshen, and Pathfinder Services Inc. of Huntington.

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