Indy 500 Blackout Eliminated – You are welcome, Indiana!


During the darkest hour of racing fans, again heroically went to the rescue by forcing Indianapolis Motor Speedway to lift the TV blackout of the 105th round of the Indianapolis 500.

The greatest spectacle in racing will be televised live in Indianapolis for the fifth time in its history because of the passionate appeals that are repeatedly posted on this website.

The logic of a live blackout is out of date and wrong. Live television coverage of an increases ticket sales, which is why every other blackout in sports media history has been eliminated.

The Indy 500 was the last regular power outage in almost 20 years. Perhaps Speedway executives are now ready to take on the common sense by turning race day into an tradition that everyone in the area can enjoy – not just those with enough cash available to purchase tickets.

Indiana, you are welcome!

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