Indoor Eating, Bar Service In Suburban Prepare dinner County Banned As COVID Numbers Rise | Newest headlines

“But this , for which there is no cure, no cure, is killing people. People who lose their jobs are compassionate. But it is no worse than death.”

Michelle Hunt from Glenwood called the new rules “understandable”.

“We must do everything we can to prevent the disease from spreading,” she said.

“Most of us do take away anyway. As long as we can, we can keep moving, keep business going, I agree.”

Possible business boost

Northwest restaurants are set to see another spurt of business, said Speros Batistatos, president and CEO of the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority.

“I think we’ll see the business cross the line,” he said. “We saw this early on in the pandemic when we opened up again faster. People have crossed the line into casino games, retail services, and restaurants. I’ve seen more Illinois licensees here than at any time in my career . “

Restaurants near the line or right off the freeway see the greatest benefit, but Illinois residents have traveled across Lake County to dine and shop, Batistatos said.

“The border means nothing to them,” he said. “If they can’t get goods and services in Illinois, they’ll bring them here.”

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